Deep Zoom Impressionists

Immerse yourself in the high resolution Gigapixel paintings from master painters such as van Gogh, Cézanne, Renoir and Monet. Explore a collection of 9 masterpieces from as close as you will never seen before.


  • Super zoom on the canvas until you can see the strokes done by these master painters
  • High resolutions photos of paintings

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6 July 2013

Excelente app.


16 April 2013

Although it's possible to see close details of the paintings and some info, but nothing else, which makes the app boring in the end.


8 November 2012

Nice famous paintings in great details. Pinch zoom doesn't work very well, but you can bring up the task bar for commands. Only 9 paintings, but it's a free app! Appears to download the pics from the Internet; privacy policy claims to be collecting no user data.


3 October 2012

no fair piggybacking on the work of these great painters! that said, this is a nice app showcasing beautiful works, I like the slowly moving background ...


28 September 2012

Love seeing the individual brush strokes. Amazing.