Diamond Blitz

Match the colors! Make diamonds! Fast! Compete against other players to connect colored tiles and create the highest scoring board of diamonds. The faster you play, the more tiles you'll get, and the bigger and better board you can build. Climb the leaderboards by out-scoring the other players in the arena and claim the rights to the coveted title of "Diamond Master"! A new multiplayer round starts every 3 minutes, so it's quick to get in a few minutes of play while you're waiting in line!


  • Massively multiplayer--everyone plays at the same time!
  • Fast-paced gameplay that will keep your mind sharp
  • Advanced skill rating system that compares you fairly against the competition
  • Leaderboards that track the best players in the world based on their rating, high score, total score, and arena wins
  • Competition at your own skill level--you don't have to be a hard-core player to be at the top!
  • Engaging music and sound effects
  • Easy to learn and fun to play!
  • Available on Windows Desktop and Mobile!

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2 July 2016

Cool game full of fun and gems


31 December 2015

Pretty good! I love this game! TIPS: get the soiled and connect to make big diamonds, and go as fast as you can, but be careful they all have to be the same color or else it will give you an ''X'' with a circle around it.😃


1 November 2015

Took a second 2 figure what to do. Yet it happens to be a great game


4 September 2015

love it


5 July 2015

TOTALLY addicting!!!


19 May 2015

This one is pretty cool. I haven't really had a change to spend some time with, but I do like what I have seen so far


15 March 2015

not sure the point of this but I don't like it


25 January 2015

this game is really fun to play


18 January 2015



2 January 2015

This game is fun and challenging. I suck at it but keep trying to gain skill.

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