Discover Samsung ATIV

Discover ATIV: the new line of Samsung notebooks, tablets, and all-in-one PCs. This interactive app lets you explore the new line of innovative Samsung devices designed for your lifestyle. The latest devices are equipped with Windows 8—with top features such as S Apps and HomeSync Lite. The app shows you how HomeSync Lite turns your device into a wireless hub for multiple devices. Tour SideSync for an overview of its benefits, including Keyboard & Mouse Sharing, Copy & Paste, and Drag & Drop File Transfer. In the Styles section, you can explore the perfect new smart PC for your needs. Or learn about other unique ATIV features, including advanced touchscreen technology and true-to-life displays and audio. Download Discover Samsung ATIV today.


  • Meet ATIV: Learn more about the work hard, play hard ATIV line of products, as well as its Windows 8 OS.
  • Shop: Reveal and compare top features of ATIV notebooks, tablets, and all-in-one PCs.
  • Explore: Tap the app and enjoy a product tour for each model, while being introduced to its universal features.