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  • Category: Tools
  • Published by: Bubble Kartel ?
  • Size: 1.4 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 3 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    Add local network DiskStation discover. Category filter added in search results. Minor bug fixes.

Download Station

*You must own a Synology NAS to run this app.* With Download Station, manage your downloads anywhere you are with your Windows 8.1 device, directly to your DiskStation. Thanks to this app, you will be able to check downloads status, create new and perform operations like pause or resume. Even better, you can use our built-in search, just like in your DiskStation. For next features visit our website.


  • Display current downloads information
  • Add download from direct URL
  • Quickly check your download status with the summary view
  • Connect to your download station using HTTP or HTTPS protocol
  • Manage your Download Station with 3G or Wifi connection (Specific settings can be set up to prevent too much usage of your 3G connection)
  • Pause/resume and delete downloads
  • Search torrent features included
  • Manage history of connections/ and automatic connection to quickly connect to your favorite server
  • Toast notification when a download is finished and the app is launched
  • Compatible with DSM 4.0 and higher
  • Find automaticaly local network DiskStations

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6 March 2015

Very reliable, fast and convenient app. I only wish there was an option to choose which folder to download to.


23 September 2014

Keeps on getting an error. An Error occurred :( you can send feedback to help us improve the app. is this app for local access only??


28 July 2014

Works well and never any problems. I wish, though, that there was an EASY way to set up multiple servers and switch between them. But I realize most people don't have multiple Synology servers. Anyway, I'm real happy to have this app available for my Dell Venue 8 Pro!


28 April 2014

Going to try and update my synology server.


31 March 2014

Doesn't work do I uninstalled it.


28 March 2014

Simple app, but it works well with my DS212J running DSM 5.0


20 February 2014

Works great--thank you!


16 February 2014

thanks for developer


9 February 2014

Does exactly what I need it to. Would LOVE applications for the audio station or other Synology apps. Great work.


7 February 2014

Kudos to the author for picking up Synology's slack! Excellent app and works flawlessly. Only 'bad' thing is magnet links do not launch this app automatically. Barring that, this app is fantastic. Also a way to edit the files being downloaded so parts can be skipped r given higher priority.

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