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You'll love watching Dragon Ball GT, on your laptops and tablets. Hence presenting this app where can watch popular videos of Dragon Ball GT in just one click without investing (read as wasting) time in searching videos. With regular updates, you will get more videos of Dragon Ball GT at one place. All the videos are refreshing and full of entertainment. PARENTAL GUIDANCE IS ADVISED FOR WATCHING THIS SERIES. Dragon Ball GT is an adult animated show. You don’t have to search out for your favorite videos every time you want to watch them. All episodes are in MP4 video with high quality, which provides superior Audio and Video quality while preserving battery life. 1) Pause, Play, mute, unmute and stop the video feature available on screen, tap to bring the control bar up. 2) Full screen support along with zoom in and zoom out functionality. 3) Showing the progress bar, utilizing the full screen area for better viewing. 4) Fast forward and reverse functionality available. 5) Resume the video from where you left it before going to home screen. 6) No need to wait, all popular videos are available right now, on demand. 7) No loss to your personal information. 8) Beautiful interface, sleek design, fast loading and great experience. 9) In app viewing of the videos, no dependencies on any other application to run videos. 10) We’ll keep you updated for new videos, features and enhancements. 11) Showing the list of videos is fast as no buffering time required for the list. This require Data Connection to play the videos. For any feedback/suggestion/feature request, kindly drop an email to oobappcreations@gmail.com


  • Large collection of good quality videos
  • Refreshing videos collection updated preiodically

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3 October 2015



3 June 2015

I love this show.....


24 April 2015

this is the bomb the best I love watching dragon ball GT in this program


1 February 2015

Please continue with such the great apps.People who don't have the app you should get it.It has great quality, and amazing audio. All these fun unlimited apps do.


27 October 2014

love this app


25 October 2014

Great app


24 October 2014

Amazing! makes me feel like a kid again. it constraints all my soul in one single video... oh yeah!


21 October 2014

Didn't even try to watch the episodes. Advertised as GT but it looks like it's just Dragon Ball


19 October 2014

I think its awesome.


18 September 2014

these are the best cartoons I love them

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