Drinking with the Saints

Drinking with the Saints is a companion app to the popular book Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour (Regnery, 2015) by Michael Foley. App description: Drinking with the Saints app gives you five current days’ worth of feast days, cocktail recipes, ingredients, and saints’ stories excerpted from the book. Easy-to-read instructions will have you bar-tending like a pious pro! A general index allows you to search for any keyword, ingredient, or phrase and find their relevant page numbers in the book. For example, if you enter “gin” you will find all the cocktails that have gin as an ingredient and where they may be found in the book. A great aid to using the book! You do not need to own the book to use the app, but the app is the perfect companion to get the most out of your hard copy or Kindle version of Drinking With the Saints. Recipe Glass Illustrations by Lucinda Levine. Application Developed by Tom Tomas, Dave Hammond, Catie Thomas and Dave Haddad Author Michael P. Foley is a Catholic theologian and a professor in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University. He lives with his wife Alexandra and his six children in Waco, Texas. Drinking with the Saints book description: Pub crawl your way through the sacred seasons with this entertaining and useful collection of cocktail recipes, distilled spirits, beer, and wine for virtually every occasion on the Catholic liturgical calendar. One part bartender's guide, one part spiritual manual, a dash of irreverence, and mixed with love: Drinking with the Saints is a book that both sinner and saint will savor.


  • Cocktail recipes instructions and Feast Day stories
  • Book index of any ingredient