DVR.Webcam - Dropbox Edition

NOTE: Free trial usage, and limited time low introductory price!! DVR.Webcam is a plug-and-play solution to personal surveillance for audio/video recording. It is a cloud-based DVR (digital video recorder) app that uses Dropbox as its cloud storage. You install the app on a computer or tablet that serves as the DVR station. It will let you record and view your camera time-lapse recording remotely. Unlike other cloud-based camera services, this app does NOT charge you monthly. It simply uses your spare Dropbox storage for the camera recording. When in use, the app automatically records camera’s video (in the case of webcams, audio as well) and streams it over to your Dropbox cloud account. You can define X number of days to keep the DVR recordings in the cloud, and the app will automatically manage the storage for you. To view your DVR, simply visit website from any computer or mobile device, and use our online DVR viewer with any web browser. There is no need to configure firewall or router for remote viewing, or using a 3rd party viewing app. Visit us at for more info.


  • Continuous Recording. The app records continuously, and you can set X number of days to keep the recordings in the cloud.
  • Webcam Support with Audio. The app works with your computer’s built-in cameras as well as external USB webcams. You can even add webcam audio to the recording.
  • IP Camera Support. The app works with MJPEG, JPEG and RTSP (H.264) based IP Cameras on your network (H.264 support is on the way). You can easily add your IP Cameras using templates from the app.
  • Motion Detection with Email Notification. The app continuously monitors motion levels, and you can easily see the motion levels from our online viewer.
  • Multi-camera Support. The app simultaneously supports up to 12 cameras.
  • Easy Remote Viewing. View from any other device using a web browser. There is no need for firewall or network configuration, or 3rd party viewer app.
  • Security. Your DVR recording is stored securely as any data on Dropbox.
  • Privacy. Simply use your Dropbox account to sign on, and no need to sign up for other service.
  • Easy to Scale Up. You can easily extend the recording length or add more cameras by extending your Dropbox storage space.
  • Two additional recording modes: 1) motion-triggered, and 2) scheduled