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Enjoy your comics on your Windows 8 PC/tablet. This app can read popular comic book formats - CBR and CBZ. You can add comics [.cbr and .cbz] from your local PC, USB drive and even Skydrive. Privacy Notice: The app doesn't store, collect or transmit any password or personal information over the network. It uses Internet to download comic book files from your Skydrive and to post picture of the Comic Book cover page, upon user's consent, to user's Facebook page. Update * Fixed Comic View mode * Major UI Redesign * Minor Bug Fixes * Can add .zip Files * Added functionality to continue reading from where you left off * Post about Comics you read on Facebook


  • Reads Popular Comic Book Formats - CBR and CBZ
  • Get Comics from Skydrive

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15 June 2014

This app stops displaying my comics and has to restart. I love how it displays the art of the comics, it's awesome to look through your collection. One problem I have though is individual issues are spread out across your collection, making it look a little messy. I'd love a folder option so I can put series issues in one folder, then open it up from there. If that gets implemented and you fix the display issues, I'll give it 5 stars. The zoom issue other reviewers noted isn't as important to me, as soon as you load the issue you can fix the zoom and continue reading, not as big of a deal as the folder issue.


22 February 2014

This app has a pretty UI, what's left of it anyway. There's no configuration display except for a zoom in and zoom out that are not that good and a scroll for the pages. I can't create a folders on the collection so all files are together kind of mixed up. Skydrive support doesn't work and the app keeps crashing. I'll keep waiting for updates and fixes because this app looks pretty and feels good to the touch. But for now I can't do a lot with it.


28 September 2013

Just need some improvement on zooming, have to zoom in on each page. Instead it should save zoom setting


12 September 2013

In my opinion, the best CBR/CBZ file reader out there. That being said, there are a couple of GLARING annoyances. The largest of them being that the page seems to incorrectly scale/zoom. So after flipping the page you have to rescale... every single time. I'd really like to see this fixed if possible. Skydrive integration is a nice touch, though! And It's flawlessly opened any CBR/CBZ I've thrown at it. Even those that crash in other readers.


11 June 2013

the glaring issue for me is that you can't switch out of this app without coming back to a black screen. Some of my .cbr files are long, and I'd like to be able to switch tasks without having to start all over again. Also, the slider to move quickly through the pages is nice, but i'd also like to be able to input specific page numbers. Lastly, it's small, but let me add individual files instead of folders.


19 May 2013

Not one comic thus far has actually opened.


18 May 2013

Doesn't fill screen, need to resize each page manually. If switching from portrait to landscape the app cuts off some of the screen. Be in the mode you want when you open the app.


5 May 2013

This program do not reside page to screen. You must set size every time, page by page.


11 April 2013

Aun le faltan detalles


18 March 2013

I can't open a cbr file with this app, what a shame

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