Elements Weather Forecast

Elements Weather Forecast puts accurate and reliable weather information at your fingertips. It has everything that you would like to have in a weather app and nothing you wouldn't. We have put a lot of effort into making the app experience easy and streamlined. Accurate 7 day weather forecasts are provided for any location in the US or entire world. 3-6 hour forecasts offer just the right amount of details to help you plan your day and don’t clutter your screen like 24 1-hour forecasts. Current location (GPS) feature will automatically update the app with your location and will show weather forecasts anywhere you travel. Interactive weather maps are available for all US locations for temperature, humidity, cloud cover and precipitation chance. Armed with these maps you can easily plan a weekend getaway that you will enjoy. Weather forecasts are displayed in Live tiles right on your start screen, so you don’t need to open the app to get a general idea about what to expect. You can pin as many of these tiles as you want and arrange them any way you like. The app also provides convenient “Summary view” that shows forecast for all locations on a single screen. Instead of showing distracting background videos that run in constant loops, we’ve provided many HD quality photographs that periodically change depending on the current weather forecast and season. And we will keep adding more in the future. You also have the ability to add your own photos as background for any forecast location. “Elements” goes beyond just weather. It also shows information about when sun and moon rise and set. “Elements” supports English, metric and nautical measurement units and lets you choose them separately for any property. You can mix and match - e.g., you can view wind speed in meters/second, temperature in Fahrenheit, distance in miles and precipitation amount in inches! “Elements” can always be accessed from Windows Search to get a quick forecast. "Elements" delivers forecasts in your language! User interface is translated into English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese. More languages will be made available in the future. We are always open to user feedback. If you have any thoughts about the app – let us know and we will make sure that the next version will always be better than the current.


  • Accurate 7 day weather forecasts for any location in the world
  • Detailed hourly forecasts for any day
  • Beautiful HD backgrounds that change with weather and seasons
  • Interactive weather maps with temperature, precipitation chance, cloud cover and humitidy
  • See weather forecasts right on your start screen - no need to open the app.
  • Always see forecast for your current location as you travel
  • Convenient summary view to see all your weather forecasts at a glance on one screen
  • Responsive customer support. Email us and we'll answer!
  • Sunrise, sunset and moon information for any location
  • Supports English, metric and nautical measurement units that you can mix and match

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28 March 2016

This app does not work. Will not connect to a server. Not even worth one star.


8 January 2015

As with other recent reviews, the application spins indefinitely trying to access its server to establish your location. The app maker may or may not have been made aware of this, but without this necessary initial step, the application is useless.


9 December 2014

Don't bother with this app. Doesn't work. Tried to input a city and all it does is open the internet to there site and does nothing. Save your money and time. Uninstalling. One star rating is too much.


30 November 2014

This app has been trying to connect to server for the past 8 hours. Even on fresh install of windows it does not connect.


14 November 2014

I never could get this working. Maybe it's not compatible with Surface 3. Wheel would spin trying to find my location. Location services were on.


12 September 2014

Would be nice if it worked.


14 March 2014

Keeps locking up. Nice when it works.


5 March 2014

Has been trying to load for 2 days (loading forecast from server)??


27 February 2014



17 November 2013

any city I typed in the app couldn't locate & the would shut off

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