Emancy: Borderline War

Emancy: Borderline War combines massive battle action and strategy in an unprecedented way. You are controlling the best soldier of your army in battles. But you have no superpowers - your soldier may get killed like any other. This is a game of skill and tactics. Win the battle by defeating enemy army in action and win the war by commanding your armies with a strong strategy. Game is easy to play and you'll learn how to control your player in a few minutes using swipe gestures to move and tap to shoot. Dual stick and keyboard+mouse controls are also supported. The war takes place in planet Emancy in a distant future. Two rivalry nations, Ardalean and Chedirrean, have failed in negations over important borderline area. Your mission is to defeat enemy and capture the land to your people. Control land to earn gold and use it to hire more soldiers. Win battles to earn diamonds. With diamonds you can get better and more powerful weapons for your army and you can order reinforcement troops to battles. The War is waiting for you, Commander. Enjoy the game.


  • Realtime shooter game
  • Massive battle actions and strategy

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2 August 2014

This game is epic and I got a... seeker its so cool and its funny that I sneaked in the red's base Lol Super FUNNY! Woohoo And I finally buyed it Yay!


2 February 2014

Kinda like Risk. But then when you enter into battle it turns into a Soldat like respawning battle where you control a unit directly. You continually respawn as one until your men run out. It gives you the chance to turn the tide in a battle where you're outnumbered. My complaint is that I can never fully win. Every time I get all their territory a massive counter attack sends you back to your borders. The money system is such that it wears you down just to cross the border into their territory ... it is impossible to hold forever because your money goes into negatives when you have an army large enough to stop a horde. Also the comp will progress in gun upgrades faster than you ... even if they aren't winning any battles.


21 December 2013

I don't like commander games very much, because I like games that let you control the character directly. This game lets you control a trooper in battle and control your armies as a commander. So it offers both types of gameplay. The cons are; You can't choose your nation at start; No co-op or vs. multiplayer; You can't make a plan for where your troops spawn at the start of battles; The textures on the terrain looked very tiled; Friendly fire.