Release 4.2NEW - Device library can be stored to SD Card or to OneDrive! NEW - Device library and app settings can be backed up and restored to/from OneDrive! NEW - Up to 5 bookmarks for each book! Why carry around heavy books with you? Environmentally friendly eBook reading allows you to read anywhere, anytime. Even if you have just a minute or a few hours. If you enjoy downloading books this is the reader for you! Celebrating 4 years of life, EpubReader is a mature book reader that allows you to read unencrypted eBooks in the ePUB format. Read on your Windows Phone 8.1 or on your Windows 8.1 tablet or computer in the font and layout YOU want! EpubReader can get books from on-line public domain catalogs like Feedbooks and the Gutenberg Project, or if you have an existing book collection, you can use SkyDrive, DropBox or Calibre to share it with your device. EpubReader can also download books from any website. We are also currently working on allowing you to download books in the LIT, MOBI, FB2 and PDF formats and automatically convert them to ePub for incorporation into your device library. Choose font, size, color and spacing. Choose a different color scheme for text and background for day and night reading. Touch the sides of the screen to turn pages backwards and forwards. Touch the center of the screen to show the position in the current book and current chapter, and buttons to open the list of chapters. EpubReader manages your library for you, enabling you to store it on your device main storage, on an SD card if the device has one, or on your Onedrive. You can sort and filter the books in the library in many different ways to facilitate access. Update 4,2 : Enable storage of the book library on onedrive, thus freeing memory on your device.


  • Downloading books in the Epub format from preconfigured and personal sources
  • Managing the local library
  • Reading ebooks
  • The app remembers the position within a book, and the font/text size chosen

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30 October 2013

what the heckk ??!! after a few days the darn books stop opening up for me! can some body tell me what is going on beside the obvious(this app is crapp) I wont recommend this to nobody!!


8 September 2013

I'll be looking for a different Epub reader. I can't scroll through the book as with all other Windows 8 applications. The only option for paging through the book is a full screen at a time by tapping on the left or right side of the screen. This resulted in a picture at the bottom of one screen being cut off with no way to scroll up to see the rest of it. The reader sees to only have the option to open in full screen. First impressions are very negative.


6 February 2013

This app never opened and does not work.


6 January 2013

I purchased this app yesterday. It cost me $2.99. It isn't worth a penny. It crashes. I uninstalled and reinstalled. It continues to crash. For the few moments that it is running, the functionality, or lack thereof is terrible. I am going back to my iPad when it comes to the utilization of Epub documents. This app is sad, really sad.


23 December 2012

This app is pathetic. Doesn't do half as well as most of the free Epub readers out there. I want my money back... and while your at it the time I spent trying to use it!!!!


17 December 2012

Docent work on surface don't buy


12 December 2012

html &mdash and similar special characters are presented out as &mdash. no support for block left or right pictures, scaled fonts; all this makes a hash out of any book that is more than simple text.


11 December 2012

Doesn"t work on Microsoft Surface. It loads an epub document but I can"t turn pages! This app is a joke. I spent $3 for nothing!


21 November 2012

This is a great app and does exactly what it claims. What sets this app apart from the other free apps is its non-ugly and easy to use GUI. To be honest, I probably would have only given this app a 4 star rating, but the other user review seemed unfair, so I thought I would balance it out with a generous 5 star rating. Note to the developer: Please add some way to adjust the margins. It's very difficult to read across the entire screen on the Microsoft surface.


15 November 2012

I wish I had not purchased this EpubReader. You cannot load epub books you have stored locally, I had to upload to skydrive and then download them in to the application. Navigation when reading the book is poor, does not allow you to follow hyperlinks (references) that some epub books use, among some other quirks. Other free readers work just as well if not better. Until a try version is provided and features added, I recommend you avoid this app.