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    This update contains the following: - Fixed chart layout on Surface 3 form factor - Fixed build issue with managed code library preventing authentication to IFD instances

EZ Opp for Dynamics CRM

If you are a sales rep that frequently works in the field, keeping your opportunities up to date in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be a cumbersome experience on a tablet. Navigating through multiple screens and entering lots of text using a touch screen keyboard is just not what tablets are designed for. EZ Opp for Dynamics CRM from Sonoma Partners is the best application to help users manage their sales pipeline using active opportunities within Dynamics CRM. Now using simple touch gestures you can quickly update the attributes of an opportunity that you care most about: • Estimated revenue • Probability of closure • Estimated closure date If you want to drill down further into an individual opportunity, you can get additional details such as weighted revenue, days in pipeline, days to close, and much more. We also show relevant information for each opportunity such as most recent activity, activity feed posts, and related opportunities. Not only can you view and update all of this information about your opportunities, but those updates are pushed to CRM – saving you loads of time and keeping your pipeline up to date.


  • Easily update opportunity data visually
  • Add activity posts to opportunity record

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20 May 2013

Looks goods from a demo perspective, but can't connect to my IFD deployment. Is there an update available that fixes this?


31 January 2013

Nice visual way to easily view and edit data. Anyone will enjoy using this application!


25 December 2012

Great app!


4 December 2012

Very interactive and easy to use.


13 November 2012

*Edit* The recent update enabled me to receive my data from on Premise install. Rating updated. *Edit* And the username/password is not saving. No type of error is displayed. Just loading opportunities swirl. Killed and restarted several times. It looks like a great app design but of course if I can't connect to our data then its useless.


3 November 2012

I really like the idea here and the relative ease of use for this application to control CRM Opportunities. Thank you also for taking care of all authentication types properly! Only thing I would add is the ability to update the sales stage... but that might pose some challenges. Overall the solution is remarkably well done, and I hope to see more good things come from the team at Sonoma!


30 October 2012

I like the graphical touch and slide interface on top of Dynamics CRM. I works the way an Account Manager like to interact with a CRM system. Peter Alvmo


24 October 2012

This free intuitive touch-based CRM application enables you to maintain your pipeline on the fly. Use the bubble chart to view or edit opportunities by month. The bar chart displays weighted revenue by month with a glimpse of what has closed month-to-date. If you don't own Dynamics CRM you can use the Demo mode to see the power of Dynamics CRM + Windows 8.