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    Update #5 (11/12/2013): Fixed an issue with copying through share charm Update #4 (3/17/2013): Added quick photo preview (and setting to turn it off) Added ungrouped folder view for people with folders with hundreds/thousands of files to improve performance (use setting to turn it on) Update #3 (10/21/2012): Added option to hide delete confirmation dialogs Added option to send to recycle bin or permanently delete Updated Conflicts behavior option for folders. Now it merges with existing folder with the "Replace existing" option or creates a new folder with a new name with the "Generate Unique name" option Fixed bug with folder conflicts in "Replace existing" conflict setting from review feedback. Update #2 (10/14/2012): Made app logo pixel perfect Updated selection visuals Update #1 (10/4/2012): Fixed file size bug Added details view and view mode switch Added open with Added settings for conflict resolution and file extensions Added ability to remove folders from favorites list

File Manager

The modern way to manage your file system using convenient copy, move and rename features. The fully functional file manager that supports bulk operations, share and open with. Works with your libraries by default and allows you to pick more folders to manage anywhere on your PC. Latest version includes multiple view modes and more settings.


  • Browse files and folders
  • Core file operations: copy, move, rename and delete for files and folders
  • Bulk operations
  • Create new folders and open with
  • Share support to and from other apps

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7 July 2015

Can only access the libraries on my hard drive but not the drive itself. WTF!


6 March 2015

It's very fast and easy to use, but sometimes I get lost of where the app is. It would be nice if it always started at one location or have favorites. Each time I have to navigate to MY PC and then find the folder I need.


31 March 2014

useful addition for Surface 2


18 December 2013

There have been many rumors going around that Microsoft will be making a modern file manager. This file manager is exactly what I envision would be the file manager in Windows 8.2 or Threshold. But two things that I would love to see implemented is: 1. Viewing files is out of the scope of this app, therefore have pictures, videos and documents open in their respective app. Take pictures for example. This app can view pictures but I would like to have pictures open in the modern app. 2. Don't have every folder that I browse to automatically be added to the favorites list. I'll edit the favorites list manually if I want to add/delete it. Thanks for making a great file manager.


14 June 2013

Can't open high resolution images


20 April 2013

I am still working on that .thank you.


28 March 2013

Worked great for copying and moving files around with touch. I love the latest feature where you can browse through pictures.


21 February 2013

first it tells me I can manage my dropbox now it doesnt


6 January 2013

love that ish


11 December 2012

It does fine when the directory doesn't have a lot of files but when it has more it is very slow.

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