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MSN Money: Finance simplified. Know more about your money with the world’s best financial news and data. Grow your finances with handy tools and calculators, anytime and anywhere.


  • My Money – Choose from top brokerages to add your Securities, 401(K) and IRA accounts and access portfolio data securely.
  • Market Updates - Get a snapshot of current market conditions. See the day's big gainers and losers.
  • Business News - Scan market headlines and access business news from multiple, trusted providers.
  • Personal Finance News - Get featured personal finance news.
  • Research - The Money app provides powerful information to help you make informed investment decisions, including:
  • Stocks - Interactive charts, analyst ratings, industry and peer comparisons, and fund trends provide deeper insights.
  • Funds - Morningstar ratings and analysis, asset and sector holding patterns, and fund category rankings offer extra detail.
  • Fund Picks - Hand-picked screeners help you find funds that meet specific criteria.
  • Rates - Check the latest mortgage, home equity, auto loan, CD, and credit card rates.
  • Watchlist - Personalize your Watchlist to conveniently track the stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs that you care most about.
  • World Markets - Take a look at how major market indices are trending around the globe.
  • Currencies - Get current foreign exchange rates and see how your currency is trading against other world currencies.
  • Tools - Get more from your money with financial and budgeting tools such as a mortgage calculator, currency converter, savings calculator, auto loan calculator, retirement planner and more.
  • Best of Web - Discover nearly 100 of the most useful finance websites, each hand-picked by editors.
  • Live Tile - Tap or click on the rotating market chart or news headlines or indices to get more information or to access the app.
  • Featured Content Partners – Get the latest financial news from different featured sources across the world.
  • Note: Some features may not be available in all markets.

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12 July 2016

Can't open this crappy site it breaks down too often and also Sports!


6 June 2016

1 core black kitten female


30 April 2016

Awesome website for easy to review news. I only wish the stock section was larger and included detailed info like it has for stocks.


7 April 2016



25 March 2016

basic loan calculators do a much better job than this app. I do not know why they would even bother crating it. So far all the MSN apps I have tried to use are worthless


10 February 2016

Wouldn't show any new info, the latest is December 11, 2015 and it is stuck on that date.


5 January 2016



29 December 2015

This would be a great app if the symbols matched the stocks. I have shares in GSJ not GS but there is no listing for GSJ only GS. There is no listing for GUA, NEE-I or WFC-R. Funny thing, because I own shares of all three of those. Without the ability to look up a specific stock the MSN Money app is virtually useless.


28 December 2015

It's a good program when I can open it, but 50% of the time I can't open it or it will take forever to open.


15 December 2015

It's OK. But I can't get it to work 100%.

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