Fire Brigade Truck Simulator 2015

Extinguish the burning flames and save places and cars In simulator 2015 free games, Fire Brigade Truck Simulator is an awesome addition in simulation games, drive around the city in your fire truck putting out fires and saving buildings and cars, drive to the correct location. In this fire truck simulation game your mission is to save places under fire which are in emergency situation and people’s needs you to play a role of hero being as a firefighter. You have to exhibit bravery and courage being as a firefighter to put down blazing fire in your town. Drive around in an awesome big city adventure and get water for the purpose of extinguishing the fire. Your mission will be failed if you get short of water or you didn’t extinguish the fire in time. There are two sliders in the left and right side corners. Left Slider is representing water and Right Slider is representing Fire. Your mission will be failed if water slider will become zero till burning building are not extinguished. Mission will be completed when you have water and fire has been extinguished. You might have experience of train simulator, taxi car simulator, truck simulator, bus simulator, plane simulator games but this Fire Brigade Truck Simulator game gives you real sensational simulation experience which you will hardly find in any free simulator game. You have to move your fire truck wheels fast to put down the fire in most famous high rises building of your city and other part of your city. Are you ready, install No one free simulator game in all 2015 train simulator, taxi car simulator, bus simulator, truck simulator and plane simulation games.


  • Extreme challenging levels to test you’re driving skills
  • Save burning buildings, cars and other things from fire
  • Best driving simulators 2015 in all simulator games free
  • Cool background music and sound to give you an amazing