FireStart Task Manager

FireStart Task Manager is a free and simple to use todo and task management application. Improve productivity by adding files, images, texts and reminders to your tasks and stay organized by representing task dependencies within projects. FireStart Task Manager is one of the first context-aware todo applications - manage private and job-related tasks within the same app by using contexts and situations that trigger proactively. FireStart Task Manager will be extended on regular basis, we are already working on new features like cloud-, calendar-sync or multi-user support that allows easy task sharing between you and your acquaintances. We strongly intend to integrate your feedback into future versions, so you are recommended to help us improving FireStart Task Manager!


  • Attach files, images and texts to your tasks
  • Manage contexts of various categories
  • Define situations as containers for multiple context triggers
  • Filter and assign your tasks by simply dragging context objects
  • Show only tasks that are relevant right now by using the Auto-Context filter
  • Represent dependencies between tasks by adding them to a project
  • Add notifications to important tasks and let them auto repeat on regular basis

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5 July 2014

This task manager app certainly is different than many other apps I've tried. Needless to say, even though it took me a while to figure out how to use, it is relatively easy to use and understand the app and its structure. It can add text, take picture, & attach image files within a task. (Can only attach images sadly, but I guess there will be more features added in later version.) It can also look for location using Bing Map (requires internet connection.) I just wish it had the ability to drag items within the task around, as well as the ability to share web links to the app. Other than that it works fine as a task manager coupled with the ability to attach images, icons, location, & unlimited text descriptions to it.