Professional training coach offers effective exercise know-hows and supplemental tips for you. It will be helpful to achieve your health goals with Fitness Café. Such easy and smart tools to exercise are here for you. Why are you hesitating to download it and try? Easy to workout, Easy to be healthy. Features: - 200+ real life video demonstrations and detailed text descriptions - Step-by-step motions with verbal explanations - Workout programs designed for various body parts ・ Build Defined Muscles for Beginner ・ Build Defined Muscles for Intermediate 1,2 ・ Core Workouts ・ Supreme Lower Body ・ Supreme Upper Body ・ Enhancing Sport Ability ・ Hourglass Body ・ Wake up, Skin ・ Shape up for Skinny Jeans ・ Sexy Ab Workouts for Woman ・ Big Secret Fat Burn for Beginner ・ Big Secret Fat Burn for Intermediate ・ The 12 min Super Fast Fat Burning ・ Office Energizer ・ Essential Daily Workout ・ Stretching for Teens ・ Flexibility Up & Up ・ Good Morning Stretching ・ Midnight Stretching ・ The 5pm Stretching ・ Special Therapy for Lower Back ・ Special Therapy for Neck ・ Special Therapy for Shoulder ・ Special Therapy for Knee ・ Special Therapy for Pelvis


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11 August 2015

I wanted an exercise application with lots of videos showing short and well paced exercise routines with a lot of different variations. I also wanted to be able to have some kind of progression. Fitness Café Pro is exactly what I was hoping for.