Flickr Upload

Upload photos and pictures to Flickr from your PC or Tablet. Upload multiple photos with one button. Browse your collection of uploaded photos directly from the app. Share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, email or other apps. View your pictures on a DLNA device like a TV or Xbox using Play To Search for pictures or view by date range You can set the photo title, description and if its publicly visible. The app creates embed codes for placing photos into a blog post or on a website, with the choice of photo sizes The app uses Flickr's oAuth authentication and does not store your Flickr user ID/password


  • Upload you photo to Flickr
  • Browse your collection of uploaded photos
  • Share photos via Twitter, Facebook, Email or to a DLNA device
  • Pictures can be on the local drive, OneDrive, SD card or network
  • Search from your collection of photos
  • View your photos by date range

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22 October 2015

Try to upload more than a few photos and it will crash.


24 August 2015

Works, but functionality is minimal. With the most excellent Flickrific now gone from the store, there seems to be no app capable of managing Flickr content (including sets and collections) properly.


20 April 2014

I just tested its Work great.


24 February 2014

Only works for the first 100 sets, and only views the first 100 pictures of a set. Why can't I see all my pictures?


13 January 2014

IF you add tags, it tags all photos the same and not just the one you choose. The upload works good. You can only add tags after uploading, but until it is updated, it will tag photos you didn't choose. Didn't try the sharing. Initial log in is through Flikr's webpage. If you want a quick app to upload with instead of going through the browser, it works. Another annoyance is it adds the tags from other photos to the one you uploaded, so if you want them correct, you still have to goto the website to correct it.