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    Release 17 & 18 & 19 Bug fixes Release 16 - Custom foods nutritional data now can be entered for per serving (Very useful for US users where nutritional info per 100g is not usually available) - Journal entries now list in history section - Improved menstruation tracker accuracy - Menstruation chart now differentiates user entered days and predicted days - New previous and next day arrows to change dates easily on home page - Blood glucose chart now show lines for whole blood and blood plasma readings - Bug fixes

Food Exercise & Body Tracker

Keep track of your food, exercise and body changes. Using this app helps you make more informed decision on your food choices, quantity, exercise level to achieve your fitness goals or to control your weight. This app is unique in a way that all nutritional info of foods in our database are for 100g or 100ml of the food. So its easy and simple to log your food quantity without any serving size confusion. It provides hints for serving size. No account signup required and no ads. Works completely offline, no internet connection required. Syncs to your other devices when internet is available. Our foods database is a compilation of USDA(US Department of Agriculture), FSANZ(Food Standards Australia and New Zealand and data from the food manufacturers. No unreliable loads of unwanted data. You can add your own foods to database and create your home cook recipes. Can be used as a recipe book too with nutrition info of each recipe.


  • Keep track of your food, exercise, activity level and body measurements
  • Water Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Drinks & Alcohol Tracker, Smoke Tracker, Mood Tracker, Menstruation Tracker, Blood Glucose Tracker
  • Body Measurements Available to track: Weight, Shoulder, Chest, Arm, Forearm, Waist, Hip, Thigh, Calf, Neck, Blood Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
  • Visualise your food intake, energy burned, body measurements with charts and graphs. Now with zoomable charts.
  • Works offline, no account signup required, ads free
  • create your own home cook recipes and find their nutritional info
  • Units kJ or Cal, lb or Kg, cm or inch. Enter foods to tracker in grams or ounces.
  • ability to backup and restore your history and your recipes
  • Visualise daiy consumption for individual nutrients and customised set targets values for each

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5 September 2015

make the body profile accurate to the measurements I input allowing me to visually see the changes would be over the top :) slideshow feature from there would allow me to see changes over time. this kind of addition would fit well with the look and feel of this app as a whole. thanks again for a great product


26 March 2015

how do I add more than one user to this app?


5 January 2015

Pretty nice. The conversion to imperial units is not consistent across the app. Would also like to see this sync with MS healthvault, but otherwise a great app


17 November 2014

Would be more useful if blood glucose values were in mg/dL and I could easily enter multiple glucose values in one day. I can deal with the food entries in grams since I weigh out my food or can read a food label for weight, but the glucose unit is tougher to work around. Also, I chose pounds and inches for my weight and height, and the system incorrectly calculated my BMI as 148! Supposed to be about 24. I can't figure out how to adjust the weight for today.


20 October 2014

Does not function correctly on my Surface Tablet. Numbers show up as kg and not pounds. Food database not functioning correctly.


2 July 2014

great app but I don't know how to enter my measurements. No help option.


29 June 2014

This App is well worth the price - at least for me... it tracks all the major nutritional values found on labels, has a database of foods -- and anything not there can be added manually, you can even add by recipe.. it also tracks exercise, water consumption, sleep time, ... its great!


25 June 2014

Slight fix will be done soon on initializing app and with that, I'll rate again. Bought this app and like the food and exercise tracker in one app. It tracks more stuff and gives me a better picture than my other app.


27 May 2014

I like the auto repeat for foods and exercises I do every day. I also like the way it is presented because it really shows me how my eating and exercising affects weight loss.


20 March 2014

I ran a mile while it was initializing it's database. Dont have time to wait on an app.

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