Football World League: Flick, Score & Kick Cup 14

Experience the most advanced and enjoyable football shootout game. Become a soccer superstar in challenging single player story mode or try to win tournament playing as a striker or goalkeeper. Follow your dreams and replay the most engaging moments in football matches - penalty shoots. Features: - classical tournament, where you can play as a striker or goalkeeper, - challenge mode: shoot the targets and improve your skills, - go through the challenging campaign, promote to the next levels, play on different stadiums and advance in your career, - choose from 64 national country outfits your favorite team, - play on 4 different stadiums: day and night classical stadium, gym hall and ghetto court, Challenge mode features: - 33 difficulty challenges, - single player challenge campaign mode where you can test your skills, - hit the multiple targets within limited amount of time or with limited shoots, - hit the moving target with the football ball, - put the soccer ball into the trash bin, - strike the boxes and achieve highest score, - play on four different stadiums, Tournament mode: - test your skills in the football championships, - shoot goals and save the net as goalkeeper, - play against best national teams on the world, - become a champion of the world, Re-live real and most important moments of all fifa tournaments - shooting goals. Don’t waste your time for running on the field for the ball, forget about defensive dull gameplay, start striking goals right now and start your road to world cup immediately. Mundial is the toughest challenge in the soccer world but also most pleasant emotions - uefa cups or euro tournament isn’t easy to win, that’s why this game offers you opportunity to feel like messi from fc barcelona or cristiano ronaldo from real madrid. It is worth to note that our football game implement unique approach to shooting mechanics - other soccer games prefer really arcade kicking mechanics, but we decided to try simulation approach to sport football game. Even the most famous titles in sport soccer games genre - like fifa 14 or real football - doesn’t offer a chance to strike so precise with simulation twist. Striking strength depends from swype length and the speed, this unique combination allow player to shoot amazing goals and hit the targets with amazing precision. Other words - play like a champion, become the master of world league. Unlock your favorite national team from fifa or uefa federation and play through the game of possibilities: challenges, world cup tournament (multiplayer not included). Replay dynamics of the matches from premier league, creativity of the bbva spanish league, bravery of serie a from italy, originality of french ligue 1 or inevitability of bundesliga, shoot, strike and become the master. Ideal casual game for public transport or line to the cash, non binding experience with beautiful graphics, fine mechanics and with diversity of options to kill some time in very pleasant manner. Leaderboards gives the players opportunity to compete with others and achieve highest ranks through you skill improvement in solo campaign. Attempt to get 3 stars on every challenge by striking moving targets or putting ball in to the trash bins and - legendary achievement - destroy by crazy shootout whole wall of boxes - and become champion of the football champions. Become your own manager and choose which mode you want to play and become expert: - modes which require dexterity and speed, most valuable features for strikers like rooney or ibrahimovic;


  • 33 difficult challenges
  • single player challenge campaign mode where you can test your skills
  • hit the multiple targets within limited amount of time or with limited shoots
  • hit the moving target with the football ball
  • put the soccer ball into the trash bin
  • strike the boxes and achieve highest score
  • play on four different stadiums

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15 July 2016

it has good graphics and have many team to play from them side


29 May 2016

very fun to play


23 February 2016

This is a excellent app


23 May 2015

Its a really fun game


23 April 2015

it is really fun you should give it a try .


23 March 2015

best of best


28 February 2015

Good and awsome


20 February 2015


7 January 2015

This is the best soccer game you can find on a tablet!!!


3 January 2015

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice game

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