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    Changes in version 7.3 include: - App rewritten and refreshed as a universal Windows 10 app. Currently only available for desktop/tablet, a mobile version is coming soon. - Updated look and feel for Windows 10 - Features previously only found in the mobile version is now also available in the Windows 10 version, including support for multiple live tiles and configurable tile background appearance. - Many small features and improvements.

Forecast HD

Forecast is a fast and fluid weather app. The app features detailed weather forecast for millions of locations around the world. It includes a live tile with multi-day forecast, in-app weather graphs, as well as location (GPS) based weather. The app's appearance is highly configurable with both color and image themes available, including Bing™ image of the day. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius is supported, as well various units for wind speed, precipitation and pressure, all changeable from within the app's settings.


  • Current conditions - Detailed current weather conditions
  • Weather observations - Displays weather observations where available
  • Week view - Displays at-a-glance, yet detailed, weather forecast for the entire week
  • Meteogram - Shows weekly and hourly as easy to read meteogram graphs
  • Location aware - Detects your location and automatically downloads your weather
  • Live tile - Can show weather for a specific location, or "roam" with your location
  • Lock screen - Can show weather on the lock screen (Mobile only)
  • Favorites - Easy access to your favorite weather locations
  • Themes - Different UI themes, with both solid colors and images, to suit your style
  • World wide - Supports locations all over the world, and display units can be adjusted

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26 December 2015

I GOT RIPPED OFF BY MICROSOFT AND THE DEVELOPERS!! I bought this app about 1/2 an hour ago, and it still hasn't loaded up! EVERY TIME I TRY TO SPEND A DOLLAR ON ONE OF MICROSOFTS APPS, I get ripped off!! I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER MICROSOFT DEVICE AGAIN!! Microsoft sucks, they're nothing but screw jobs


22 October 2015

I like it. I wish it were more colorful instead of all text and icons looking white or black (depending on you choice). I also wish it showed a radar page. I guess it's accurate. I decided to settle on this one over the tons of other weather apps and bought it.


10 August 2015

One of the nicest weather apps I've tried. I was so impressed that I immediately purchased it. Features that I love include: * the ability to select current conditions in addition to forecast, * the variety of attractive background pictures, and especially including the Bing image of the day, * the Neteogram graph for both hourly and the full week, * and that it is one of the most accurate among those apps I've checked out. Thank you, Alexander Wilkens, for a great job on your app!


18 April 2015

I checked out many weather apps from the garbage bin that is the Windows Store. This was the best, it is pretty, offers selectable background images, a live tile, and a sensible information presentation. It needs animation in the backgrounds, notifications, and a weather radar to get 5 stars. I would also like a set of changing backgrounds that automatically match the weather forecasts. The dev did better than anyone else in the store, though. Good job.


9 March 2015

Overall, I really like the layout of this app. I like how clean it is, the way it presents data, and its simplicity. The one thing I cannot see in the app that I need is notifications for weather alerts. Since it takes data from the National Weather Service already, it really ought to provide alerts for things such as thunderstorms, tornado watches and warnings, hail, freeze, flooding, etc. when you open up the app. Right now, this capability does not seem to be there. Radar would be nice as well, but since there are several very good radar apps as standalones, this is not as crucial as the weather alerts. Some are clamoring for animated backgrounds, and that would indeed increase the visual appeal for the app, which is pretty good already. However, the improvement to functionality should come first in my view. This is an easy 4 out of 5 with the additions of alerts, and 5 out of 5 if they get alerts, a good radar, and animations.


19 November 2014

The weather plot is really great to see the future forcast but the precipitation does not show like the example showed.


9 November 2014

It looks like someone had a sense of the beauty of the real world, not just the cartoon simplicity of an avatar life


3 November 2014

Could use dynamic backgrounds which change depending on weather conditions.


18 October 2014

So stylish


18 September 2014

I was drawn to this app for a couple reasons - its metro design within the app, the clean and native-looking live tile, and most importantly, the weather source for data in the USA. I've always relied on The National Weather Service for my forecasts, and it's nice to see this app utilizes that data. Other apps use forecast.io or Weather Underground. I definitely prefer NWS for its accuracy. I highly recommend this app - it's a worthy investment at just $1.99. Lastly - a note to the developer - please offer a version for Windows Phone 8.1!

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