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The Power to Prosper™…now on Windows 8 Stay connected to the fast-paced business world with the Fox Business app for Windows 8. Access the latest financial news and videos throughout the trading day.

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7 July 2016

Get nothing more than the opening screen.


20 April 2016

Updated Fox Business app as previous app was not down loading the news, only downloads title page. Same problem still occurring. Really enjoyed the site previously when I was able to gain relevant news and data; not sure what happened? No changes to my system or tools. Hate to go to CNBC???


18 January 2016

Does not load properly on my laptop. No articles or information is available.


28 February 2015

Abbreviated stories to the right of the article would be a great place to add 'sharing' icons and the ability to do so. Don't you think so?!


17 June 2014

I am a investor in the company called LP Marketing resources oil properties in Longview, Texas & Gregg county. Would you check to see what this company is about before my doing business with their corporation


16 June 2014



7 June 2014

This would be a nice app if the articles were current. It's June and the articles are from April. Hence the rating of 1. I expect better from Fox.


26 May 2014



2 May 2014

I had on Windows Phone so should be great here.


18 August 2013

Yes, it is crazy, but Bloomberg, Forbes, BW are full of far-left anti-business radicals so Fox Business is the place to get pro-business News!

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