Free Reversi

Free Reversi (also known as Othello) is a simple board game where you can play against the computer. Free Reversi is a strategy board game made by Fusawo (


  • Play Reversi against the computer

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2 February 2016

App makes illegal moves. Not very challenging


21 July 2015

Some bugs I've encountered playing this game: 1. Won't always allow you to win. Twice now I've been blocked from placing my last piece, and yes, I know there were black pieces the move would have flipped. 2. Several times when the computer was unable to move it looked like it played a piece ON TOP of one of mine--AND FLIPPED A FEW! 3. Grammar: "whites turn". As for the "stupid" part, it's very obvious the algorithm just chooses the move with the highest possible number of flipped pieces, never really employing any strategy such as going for edges and corners to create unflippable triangles and trapezoids. I know it's free, but you just can't release a game with those flaws and expect more than 1 star from me. I'll be needing a better challenge.


16 December 2014

The interface is slow but decently attractive/simple The AI is weak The software is buggy. I've held an entire half of the board and then had the computer magically get two or three pieces when it shouldn't have been possible.


27 July 2014

This version not only play poorly but also sometimes makes illegal moves when it has no legal move. Also, if you have no legal move there is no way to pass. This version needs work, it gives up the corner squares much too easily.


16 January 2014

First, you can't play with two human computers. This should be an easy feature to implement. Second, the board is tiny on a high res monitor. It should take up the full screen, which would make it work much nicer on a touch display.


15 September 2013

it's ok. no difficulty adjustments available, and I've seen the computer drop a chip where one already was, not change the original chips color but change other chips like it would if it had been an empty spot. In same game where It got stuck when there was one spot left on my move but I couldn't put a chip down and it wouldn't just skip my turn.


8 July 2013

I like the game, but I'd like to see a 2 player version.


25 May 2013

Would be nice to have levels of difficulty and track progress toward improvement.


5 April 2013

Could add color change to chips, and works good.