FreeCell Solitaire.

Best FreeCell solitaire game. FreeCell Solitaire is a classic FreeCell Solitaire Game which is very popular in Windows OS. Best user experience. FreeCell Solitaire is a 100% free game. All the functionalities are in one page and it is easy to play. There is NO popup ads and NO app-in-purchase. The object of FreeCell Solitaire is to build the four HomeCells(top right side) up in ascending suit sequence from Ace to King with the help of four FreeCells(top left side).

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23 July 2016

I appreciate the level of difficulty. Another free app I had was too easy and they wanted you to upgrade to get more difficult games. I'm not too keen on the graphics, but I enjoy the game.


24 June 2015

great game. Sometimes hard to beat.


27 February 2015

good game


20 February 2015

Best FreeCell I found so far.