Freecell Solitaire!

World’s first Freecell Solitaire with live cards! Popular Freecell Solitaire is now available for you! The greatest way to escape from daily bustle wherever you are. Great graphics and relaxing background music add even more enjoyment to playing. Your goal is to move all cards (52 cards are dealt into eight cascades) to four foundations according to their suites from aces till kings. There are four open cells to help you; any card can be moved to the free cells or to an empty cascade. You can move only one card at time but can build tableaus down by alternating colors.


  • Large, easy to manipulate cards
  • Full undo
  • Hints
  • Tutorial
  • Auto move option
  • Smooth 3D animations
  • Relaxing background music
  • Customized background

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15 March 2015

Greatest solitaire game I ever tried