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    - Direct Pinch-to-Zoom on images - Bugfix

Gallery HD

Browse and view your photos and videos from any Local Folder, Network Drive or SD Card. Gallery HD helps you to make beautiful Slideshows and gives detailed information about your pictures. It displays your photos in as High Resolution as you have captured them. You are able to add albums to the Favorites and sort them by name or date. With Gallery HD you will be able to display images to fill your entire screen. This way those ugly black edges will be eliminated. You can use the pinch-to-zoom gesture or zoom buttons to get more detailed view. You can also set Gallery HD as default photo viewer app on your Windows 8 Device, so if you click on a JPEG file (or a selected group of photos) Gallery HD will show it to you. Free version is Ad-supported. By purchasing the Ad-free version you kindly support our work - for the price of a cup of Coffee.


  • Browse and display photos and videos from any folder
  • Slideshow with fade and zoom effect
  • Fill the entire screen function
  • Zoom function (Pinch-to-Zoom)
  • Add to the Favorites function
  • Detailed information for photos and videos
  • Can be set as default photo viewer app
  • Live tile support

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14 April 2016

the true beautiful view of these pictures bring back the happy days they were taken. Thank you'


18 September 2015

Why do you waste my time with your slow crap app


16 September 2015

I love this app you can do so much with your pictures and if you don't like the changes you made you can always start over


11 September 2015

I do a lot of cropping and editing on my pictures and I thought I would try this app and I have to say it was a big disappointment there is hardly any editing tools to help you or even make if a little easier.


5 September 2015

This app is awesome😄


17 August 2015

You should add use piture to photo tile or lockscreen


16 August 2015

...very little control over transitions such as time. In fact no control to manually show next or previous slide.


23 July 2015

great fanstaic


22 July 2015



25 May 2015

I recently used this app for a graduation party slideshow using files from a Dropbox file location. It worked great and the teens were very happy with the slide shows presentation. I tried several different apps. I chose this one because it used a zoom effect to each photo rather than just a static still. It made the slideshow more dynamic. It also allowed me to use files from Dropbox and Onedrive without any fuss. Everything worked fine with this app on my Surface Pro connected to a projector. Great app for a simple yet attractive photo slideshow.

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