Garden rescue ( full )

A serious menace has approached the gentle and snug garden, where various plants have been quietly living - masses of voracious insects rushed to it to fill their maws. The green defenders had to lay aside their everyday jobs to save their tiny motherland. But who will command the defense, who will lead them in action? Head this little army of garden defenders, rescue them from impending doom!


  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Colorful graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay

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24 July 2014

I LOVE this game. It is my favorite way to de-stress. Nothing like zapping a bunch of bugs bent on garden destruction, even if they are as cute as they can be! I have played it so much, it should have become boring by now, but it is just as challenging and fun as ever.


1 November 2013

Man this game hard but fun..


25 September 2013

It has the typical elements of TD. If you like 'Plants vs. Zombies™', you'd like "Garden Rescue"


26 August 2013

I Love this game!!!!!!