Garden rescue

A serious menace has approached the gentle and snug garden, where various plants have been quietly living - masses of voracious insects rushed to it to fill their maws. The green defenders had to lay aside their everyday jobs to save their tiny motherland. But who will command the defense, who will lead them in action? Head this little army of garden defenders, rescue them from impending doom!


  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Colorful graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay

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20 April 2015

This game is AWESOME but it is only the free version I love all the different plants and upgrades


2 April 2015

good game


25 March 2015

Yet another game that says it's free when it isn't. Companies who lie should be eligible for negative stars. Or better yet, they should be forbidden from attempting to sell their crap on the Microsoft Store.


5 January 2015

I have finished the game a couple times and always come back again when I need a little game time!


21 December 2014

Really fun, addicting game that has ten levels available before you have to buy (that is why you got three stars instead of five)... But again really good game.


30 August 2014

It's all based on skill and strategy. You need not spend any money... Only time! I love this game and will not stop playing it until I complete it.


16 June 2014

good way of getting a little me time love this game


24 December 2013

this game is the best


8 November 2013

I just love this game!!!!! It is very, very challenging!!!! Please make more games that are challenging.


19 August 2013

It could be better

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