Gardens Inc. 2 – The Road to Fame (Full)

Conquer America and save your business from ruthless competition in the game: Gardens Inc. 2 – The Road to Fame! Gardens Inc. 2 - The Road to Fame is the second part of a best-selling title, where a nice gardener Jill and her partner Mike go to conquer the USA! Their road to fame will lead through a number of American states, where Jill will need to face numerous challenges, putting her business and staff management skills to the test. Quest after quest, garden after garden... Jill will get even closer to Hollywood and the crucial challenge: a prestigious gardening tournament organized by an eccentric millionaire Lady Bloom. Victory in the tournament may provide Jill and her business with new, lucrative contracts and open the door to an international career! On their way they will encounter the sinister millionaire from the first part, Cliff Gold, who after escaping from prison will do anything to ruin the business and dreams of the main hero. Can Jill beat the competition, foil Cliff's plans and win the tournament in Hollywood?


  • 50 various levels – from suburbs to swamps!
  • Travel between 5 different states of America!
  • Use unique tools, including dynamite!
  • Extensive system of upgrades for the seat of your business!

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4 July 2016

Gardens Inc.2-The Road to Fame-Full-trial version HP


19 November 2015

Challenges in building!!! Oh my goodness..I love it..I play for hours on end


24 August 2015

I just finished playing the original Gardens Inc. I loved that game, and I love this game too. This is 2 games I've bought and I very rarely buy games. Enjoy!!!