GDrive Pro

Get access to all your Google Drive Stuff from any Windows 8 device. Store documents, pictures, or other files using GDrive Pro and easily share them with anyone. Release Notes: * Improved Search Results Listing * Added "Open With" feature to open files * Added options to convert documents and spreadsheets into Google format when uploaded * Added support for Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice and KingsoftOffice suites. If you would like, GDrive Pro also provides Trial Version. Make sure you do leave us your feedback. If you are facing any issues or have questions, please do not post them on the comments section, instead send an email to the support email address. Because, Microsoft does not provide a way for the developers to reply to your issues in the comments. Note that this app always requires Internet Connection. It does not support portrait view. With GDrive Pro you can, - Manage multiple Google accounts (Up to 10 accounts) - Edit and save documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files. Note that GDrive Pro does not have built-in editor. It depends on software such as Microsoft Office for editing. - Share photos and documents with friends and family with Windows 8 Share Charms - Organize your files into folders, Star your important stuff for easy access - Add new comments. Reply to someone’s comments. Resolve and Reopen your comments. - Invite your friends to view, edit your files in Google Drive - Change your file permissions - Listen to music from Google Drive in the background - Navigate easily between your folders in Google Drive - Upload / Download files in the background - Open your Google Drive Files from other apps such as Windows 8 Mail App


  • Manage multiple Google accounts
  • Edit and save documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files.
  • Share photos and documents with friends and family
  • Star your files
  • Create new folders
  • Organize your files into folders
  • File Comments
  • Invite your friends to view, edit your files in Google Drive
  • Change File Permissions
  • Search your files across multiple accounts
  • Upload files into Google Drive from other apps with Share Charms
  • Background Audio file streaming from Google Drive
  • Background Upload / Download
  • Supports Windows 8 File Open Contracts.
  • Built-in Image Viewer for Slideshow

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15 March 2016

Download this app if you like having to redo all of your work and edits, because it probably won't save changes to your Gdrive so everything you've worked on will disappear! Huge waste of time. Terrible. Worst app I've ever encountered.


9 August 2015

How do I empty trash?


29 April 2015

Loved it, but now it refuses to start the app and crashes upon launch edit: 5 weeks later found that disabling wifi enabled me to start the app, re-signin, and works again as normal. Still not as an stable but works for what I need it for


6 April 2015

Does not seem to show all of my stored folders?


12 March 2015

Videos buffer, finish buffering & then buffer again, and again and again! WTF


12 February 2015

Hi, The product works well, yet I am missing a search feature. For this, my use will be VERY limited.


28 January 2015

Great app to use right up until it doesn't sync local changes and you lose all your data. Whether or not 'syncing local changes' will actually do what it says is inconsistent. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. It's a shame, because everything else about the app functions perfectly. Unfortunately, being able to keep whatever edits I write to my documents is more important. Don't recommend until this reliability issue is resolved.


25 January 2015

If you try to share a doc, all the other person gets is a half dozen xml and no text.


23 November 2014

On my Surface, I can't access a file I want to work on.


10 November 2014

I use this on my Laptop and it helps me concentrate on my work much more than something in a browser. The only problem I have with it is that when I saved a document and later loaded it the spacing was very messed up. I don't know if it is caused by Libre Office or GDrive's syncing, though it looked fine in browser.

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