Giggity Hunter

Giggity hunter is a basic shooter game featuring Quagmire.


  • Player shoots Quagmire

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8 March 2015

I mean come on! You did not have to include Quagmire, you most probably do not have the rights to him, so yeah. I just do not get why you would want to do that. Other game devs are spending sleepless nights trying to incorporate fun and addictive gameplay into their products, while you spend 5 minutes dragging and dropping a popular cartoon character's face into a game maker, then just uploading the first thing you do to a marketplace, further filling it up with junk. That makes it extremely hard to find quality apps which people actually spent time creating. Thanks to you the store is so polluted that if I had a Euro for every game with a World of Tanks icon, I would be able to afford an Xbox One...