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    Full OneNote® integration! More Extras, like twƏƏplines: View your followers in a cool interactive timeline based on when they joined Twitter!


Get the coolest, fastest Twitter app for Windows 8! ...and one of only TWO that let you have UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS! A fully loaded version of the coolest Twitter app for Windows Phone is now available on Windows 8! Not only glƏƏk! the most full-featured Twitter app in the Store, but is also the ONLY app that will bring you random tweets (pƏƏks) from users around the world! We dare you to use it for 24 hours! You'll quickly realize it has TONS of features, functionality and coolness that NO OTHER Twitter App for Windows 8 has...or even comes close!


  • Full Twitter Timelines, Mentions, and Retweets!
  • Both Dark and Light Theme Support!
  • Custom Theme Colors!
  • See Random Tweets from users around the world!
  • Deep Search integration
  • Search Tweets, People and even your OWN Timelines and Mentions!
  • Mute Users and Apps
  • Full Retweeter and Conversation Views
  • Share IN and OUT to other sources!
  • Almost EVERYTHING is Pinnable to Start
  • Add Effects to your Tweets, including ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔ ⓣⓔⓧⓣ!
  • Cool Extras, like SnƏƏk PƏƏps! and so much more!
  • Save for Later" with Pocket (Read it Later)
  • Configurable "Auto Refresh" in Snapped Mode!
  • Full TwitLonger and TweetMarker support!
  • Full "Shrink Urls" support!
  • Autocomplete for Tweeps and Hashtags!
  • Unlimited Accounts!
  • AWESOME Custom Columns, including Timelines and Searches!
  • NEW Send Tweets and Trends to OneNote®!

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2 May 2015

... wie die dazugehörige WP-App ... Ich vermisse Metrotweet ...


25 August 2014

Final Edit: SWITCHED TO TWEETIUM. Better app. Gleek Still keeps repeating the same notifications over and again. Emailed developer, he promised an update, nothing changed. Been a month. I'm done. Moving on to a different twitter app. Gleek is JUNK. EDIT: More than a year later and Gleek has improved, but remains flawed. One annoyance is that when you get a new follower, it announces it in an alert. Again. And again. And again. And again. Over and over it announces the same new follower ad infinitum. It's maddening. I use Gleek (the paid version, even!) on my Lumia 1020, and it's a phenomenal piece of work. Naturally, I expected the same quality craftsmanship on the Windows 8 version of the app. Unfortunately, it just isn't there. The app crashes a LOT, and about every 3rd or 4th crash, it loses all of my accounts. Suffice to say, that's frustrating as hell, and makes it difficult to recommend the app. I'll keep it installed and will update as the app evolves; I maintain high hopes.


9 June 2014

This app does not show all of the replies to tweets, in fact it seems it seldom does. Did a side by side comparison with the Twitter site and it was missing most of the replies.


18 April 2014

This app is easily the best. Has like 20 features other apps don't have...and looks the best, too! Trial worked great for me...I bought it!


6 March 2014

What can I say be that on my L925 or my 2520 r my win 8 rig Glued is my go to Twitter app. Its constantly updated and improved simply the best. And there isn't just one but three twitter apps. Check them out.


22 January 2014

This was a great app, but I have switched to Tweetium. Was waiting four months for a bugfix. App not updated to support 8.1 new features yet.


12 January 2014

I used to be a big fan of Tweetro, but I realized that it was losing some tweets in my timeline. Gleek keeps my timeline in sync with other devices via Tweetmarker and lets you preview links in the app (if you want to). Gleek is the most customizable of all the twitter clients currently. Features I would like to see added would be images in the timeline and the ability to choose the text size/display more tweets.


23 September 2013

If you leave any review other than a glowing recommendation, the developer will send you nasty emails. What a jerk I haven't used Gleek in over 2months, it is not working, it's stuck on tweets from to 10 months ago. It won't update. Ps, app works good on Win8, doesn't work on RT


6 September 2013

Gleek is certainly feature rich, easily providing a more immersive Twitter experience than its competitors. It is also the most stable of the 3rd party offerings, many of which crash on my Surface RT. I'm still enjoying the trial at this point and recommend to anyone to give it a try. At this point, I haven't fully explored all the bells and whistles, the use-value of which will probably determine if I switch from the official app.


8 July 2013

A couple of bugs remaining, and a few odd UI/UX choices, but they have been improving it with each release. And, above all, fantastic customer service

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