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    Graphiter v2.0* is packed with new and exciting features, performance and stability improvements and more... - A sketch book layout for better grouping and organizing your drawings. - The sketch book feature will allow you not only to organize your art, but also to set your default paper color, type and size. - A new and exciting Ink Pen tool. The pen tool has two sub-types, one for fine ink drawing and a second type with varying width. - Basic layers support. - Full Paper orientation support (Pinch zoom, Pan and Rotate) - An improved color picker with recent colors saves. - Your most recent tool settings are now saved as well. - Major improvements to stability and art saving. - Improved pen calibration. - Improved blend tool for more accurate color blending. - Image import for reference and image processing Note: Graphiter v2.0 is not yet available for Win8.1 users.


Graphiter - Pencil Sketching App Designed to excite the enthusiast with fun drawing ease, - Create realistic Graphite Pencil Drawings on a digital media. - Practice drawing with no compromise, using a real workflow tools such as Graphite Pencils, a Blend tool and an Eraser. - Have fun drawing with minimal configuration from the get-go. The Pencil Tool - Choose from a wide range of Graphite Pencils beginning with 2H and ending with 8B. Sketch and work tones from light to dark as you go. The Color Pencil - [In-App Purchase] 5 popular Toned Papers and a Color Pencil bring your creative dimensions to a new level. The Ink Pen - [In-App Purchase] Whether it is a contour line, a text or any other creative idea you have in mind, the Ink Pen adds fine lines for any creation. The Blend Tool - [In-App Purchase] Astonishing Art happens with a well-designed Blend Tool: shadows, shapes, smoother gradients, and depth needed for creativity erupts. The Eraser Tool - Adjusts with pressure, size and softness as if you are using a Real Eraser. Exporting - All your drawings can be exported to a PNG or a JPG file. At the same time, Graphiter saves your drawings for you automatically so you can go back to them later. The Free Download Includes: 14 Graphite Pencils ranging from 4H to 8B and 2 Erasers. Experience Sketching with Graphiter!


  • Wide range of Graphite Pencils enabling real sketching workflow
  • Simple to configure Tools allow fast workflow
  • A One of a Kind Blend Tool - Great for creating smooth gradients and shadings
  • 5 popular Toned Papers and a Color Pencil bring your creative dimensions to a new level
  • Ink Pen for fine contour lines, calligraphy and Ink Pen sketching.

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10 November 2015

I, absolutely, LOVE this app! Even though I have and use the more expensive programs like Magna Studio and PhotoShop, this one has the essentials to turn my Surface Pro into a portable sketchbook. It's super simple. You get a graphite pencil, coloring pencil, blender and eraser and different colored pages to choose from. What makes me use it instead of the other programs aside from the simplicity? The pencil texture is spot on! It's perfect, looks and feels like a real pencil, something you can only get by making your own custom brush in other programs. And still, they don't look as real as this one. So I use this for sketching on a whim, and if I want to color or enhance it I just import it and open it with another program. Give it a try! It's free! And the extra options are only $2 and they ARE worth it.


8 August 2015

I really appreciate this fascinating app! It's easy to use and looks so realistic! But I hope it can be accessed in China. It cannot be found until I set my location to be United States. But I met problems purchasing the full edition in foreign countries.


7 July 2015

App crashes when I open Graphiter. PLEASE FIX!!!


14 June 2015

It is a fantastic app


16 January 2015

nICE higher pixilation for more detail would be my only ask, with a zoom to 200%


30 November 2014

Wonderful pencil feel go ahead and draw without the loss of paper


27 November 2014

I'm a sketch artist and this is a almost perfect tool. Graphite has a clean and logical interface. The pencils are fluid and natural. What is missing is the ability to have even basic layers. Graphic software has had layer capabilities since the 1990's and we have become accustomed to producing art using these tools. I understand that the programmers probably wanted a more real world experience but without layers this is only a toy sketchbook and not a fully realized sketching tool.


28 September 2014

Love the blending feature! I was not able to find it in other applications. I find myself using it a lot and am happy with the results. Overall I feel this is a clean, simple to use application for sketching. Feature suggestion: It would be awesome if I had the ability to upload my own background.


22 September 2014

I found this application strips away all of the unessesary features and offer a great clean way to do realistic graphite art on my surface. Version 1.. can't wait to see what's coming. Also.. hands down.. the best smudge/blend tool on the market. For those of us who have been missing this feature with other sketch applications.


19 September 2014

I love this app, and defiantly recommend it for artists, drawing, doodling and even keeping my ten year old busy. It lends not only fun, but functions as a helpful tool for serious ideas as well. I used it to sketch a logo idea, using only my finger. Amazed me! I will purchase a drawing pen to doodle with, but fingering: can't beat that. There is a nice toolbox, and drawing feels and looks like real pencils preform. I love the level of undo, and the in-app gallery is great for saving my work. It does it automatically. Please add color pencils.