Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride (Full)

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS! Enter an enchanting world of legends and magic, filled with gloomy forests, forbidden temples, and abandoned castles; a realm of dark secrets, where your destiny was written long before your birth... Within the shadow of an ancient forest, on the bottom of a foggy valley, stands the lonely village of Ravenbrook. The folk there are cheerful and diligent, yet warily superstitious. They surround the village with countless charms to keep the evil spirits at bay, for on the other side of the forest, there lies a seemingly bottomless pit, known as the Abyss. It is the place the villagers of Ravenbrook fear most... On this night, a young woman is returning home for her twin sister’s wedding. The sisters haven’t seen each other in years. Yet the invitation was strange, almost as if someone else wrote it, other than her twin. But still she comes, ignorant of the danger that awaits... For just before the wedding, amidst the happiness and reverie, a stranger arrived in Ravenbrook...


  • Thrilling story, full of intrigue and adventure
  • Fuzzy sidekick – the cutest kitty helper you’ve ever met
  • 24 versatile mini-games and 14 hidden object scenes
  • 38 beautiful, hand-painted locations
  • 11 intriguing characters with different passions and dark secrets
  • The Book of Elusive Objects tells the story of local legend
  • Collect 30 Spirits of the Forest for your Faerie Meadow
  • Additional, intriguing story
  • 24 achievements to unlock

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24 August 2015

great grapics love the story a grimm tale


20 August 2015

Lots of Fun


16 August 2015

its good


4 August 2015

Great puzzles, amazing music, brilliant graphics. These guys make the best mystery puzzle games. No I want one with a Japanese theme.


16 July 2015

Great interface with the player, and the action is pretty compelling!


5 July 2015

Enjoyed it a lot.


3 July 2015

I liked playing this game because it had a lot of different games and the story was fun to play.


2 July 2015

upon playing it for the 2nd time it is making more sense. For me, it's hard to follow the story line. It does have a lot of fun activities.


25 June 2015

An addicting game, I love it!!!


23 June 2015


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