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Just take the challenge and guess the song! Who doesn’t love music? Enjoy listening to thousands of songs and compete with your friends to become a Music Master. Play, listen to music, have fun and be the best with Guess The Song - Music Quiz! Do you like guessing trivia games? This song quiz is perfect choice for you then. The game is full of various songs in many categories. Choose the list of songs you like most, play, keep guessing songs and have a lot of fun. How many songs can you name correctly? How many artist can you recognize? How fast you are? Play in 2 players mode and compare your score with friends. Discover new songs and music genre! Everyone will find something interesting in many category lists: - The Latest Hits, - 2000's Pop Hits, - 2000's Rock List, - 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s Hits, - Overtime Rock Hits, - Love Songs, - Summer Hits, - Hard Rock List, - Rap, R&B, Hip - Hop, - Country Hits, - One Hit Wonders, - Female Singers List, - Movie Themes! The greatest hits only! Spend some time with music you love not only listening to it but playing the quiz and having a lot of fun in the same time! Download Guess The Song for free and enjoy this music app.


  • Thousands of hits to guess
  • Plenty of music genre
  • Join 15 MM amused players

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18 August 2016

Could be a lot better but uses the same few songs gets boring


2 February 2016

This is a very good game but it is kind of hard for children


14 January 2016



19 July 2015

It says it's rated E for everyone but it's really not. I was playing the rap one (I try to play them all). But turns out that was a bad idea. It used the f word, and I'm not going to play that section again. Please remove that!!!!!!!!


15 July 2015

stops in the midd;e of game to reload


13 July 2015

There are differences between music scenes in different countries, and this game does not reflect American hits. Sure, quite a few songs are familiar, but many simply are not. Also, since when were The Cardigans a one hit wonder? Either way, playing is not as fun when you've never heard of certain bands or their songs. =( Additionally, the samples are very repetitive, and you hear the same songs in the same level again and again and again until you finish it. Otherwise, it's great!


7 July 2015

Its a good game very fun today


27 June 2015

If you love music and think you know your stuff you will love this!


20 June 2015

A simple in concept game that will test how well you think you know music. The categories you can choose from leaves everyone whoever heard a note of music with enough genres to not feel left out from playing. Any age can play! It is also a great memory training tool .


23 May 2015

Love it great game and theres no bugs!!

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