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  • Category: Games / Role playing
  • Published by: AKPublish ?
  • Size: 166.9 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 5 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    • Episode 5 is already here! Just update and continue to play, the new episode will start right after the end of the fourth one. • Numerous interface improvements (such as items compare) • Missing parts of a set could now be bought on a Black Market (button will appear near items) • With Premium account your items become indestructible!


It is a storydriven rpg-adventure where guns and magic act together! Become a member of this powerful Order whose mission it is to protect Earth. Travel through other worlds, contend with monsters, upgrade your weapons and enhance your magic. Have fun! It is completely free game with an option to purchase packs of in-game currency or a premium account. Game Awards ★ DevGAMM 2014 Award ★ MS Windows Store Stuff Pick Follow us: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gunspell Twitter https://twitter.com/inocoplus YouTube http://youtube.com/InoCoPlus


  • Match3 battles with a lot of features
  • Many different strange worlds to explore
  • Hordes of enemies to fight
  • Tons of different weapons, items and spells!
  • Awesome graphics!

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26 December 2015

Easy to play and no problems so far. Lvl 5


24 October 2015

Love the gameplay. Have not had any issues so far. Wish extras did not take so much gold to buy with real money. wish you could win slots for rewards. On the fence about the premium account.


10 October 2015

I thank you for this free game that has given me many hours of enjoyment. My only wish is that the resources needed were easier to get . I am 73 years old woman so guys old people are gamers like all of you are lol' love the game and hope to see more of these types of games in the future. For those of you who complain about this game, how ungrateful you are, instead thank the staff of Gunspell for the hours they put in, and that they gave it to us for free. sincerely Maritza


15 June 2015

It would be great if one could connect through Facebook, have friends and the like. It takes forever to increase your storage capacity via gold coins. To accrue enough without having to pay without having access to the option through acquiring friends is a bit unright. Lol


18 May 2015

Fantastic Game!!! Best I've played in awhile!


17 May 2015

Why isn't there a back story and optional popups of explanation of items and actions?


14 May 2015

I love this game but there are so many issues. It doesn't work for days, then it does, then it doesn't again. I am also stuck at the end of the last episode. The level cap is so low for the final "boss." I am at the point where all my items are broken, all the creatures in this world have been beaten, and I have little money and resources. I am forced to fight the boss over and over again, knowing I will lose, in the hopes of getting money to fix my items. The magic levels are way to expensive once you get up to level 8. I am forced to either keep playing and losing or start a new character from the beginning! Not worth my time for much longer!


4 May 2015

Thanks Ashley - I'm having the same issue with the game loading...


30 April 2015

Gunspell always had its localization issues ("turnes" everywhere) and bugs (no repairs count towards the achievements, whether the item was fully broken or not). Now the last update broke it completely; the app will not open at all any more. I'm on a Surface Pro 3 i5/256.


6 April 2015

Mosr recent update causes game to minimize bottom of screen. will not stay open to play the game even after restarting my computer. Games that can't be played aren't worth much to anyone.

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