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    1/2/2018: Fixed a bug that caused the app to not work for new users. On April 20th, Google removed their ClientLogin API, causing GVoice and all other 3rd-party Google Voice apps to break. This update works around the lack of a proper Google Voice API to get GVoice back to a somewhat usable state, but it is quite hacky and may break in the future. In addition, some things still do not work since Google broke them, and may never work again: - Support for Google accounts using two factor authentication - Support for Google Contacts integration - Support for sending picture messages using Google Docs / Google Drive


Send text messages from your Windows 8 device for free! GVoice is a Google Voice℠ app for Windows 8 that lets you view your Google Voice inbox, texts, voicemails, and calls at the touch of a finger. Send text messages to your friends with ease, and get notified when they text you back. Initiate calls from one of your phones to any phone number. The free trial is ad supported and lasts 7 days. Buy the app to remove ads and use it forever! Requires a Google Voice account. Many Google Voice features are only available to U.S. residents. If you live outside the United States, please check that the Google Voice features you want are supported in your country before downloading. Google Voice℠ services are provided by Google, Inc. This app and its creator are NOT affiliated with Google, Inc.


  • View your Google Voice inbox, text messages, voicemails, and calls
  • Receive notifications when you receive new text messages and voicemails
  • Send text messages and picture messages to your Google and Windows 8 contacts
  • Create new Google contacts from unrecognized numbers
  • Change the photos of your existing Google contacts
  • View your text message conversations in detail
  • Listen to your voicemails and read voicemail transcriptions
  • Configure push notifications to receive text and voicemail notifications instantly
  • Initiate phone calls from one of your phones to any other number
  • Search Google Voice for calls, voicemails, and text messages
  • Use the share charm in other apps to quickly add content to new text messages
  • Pin contacts to the start screen to quickly navigate to a conversation with them
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to control and navigate GVoice

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11 March 2016

Ok I just downloaded this video, at 2:00 PM EST, on Friday 11, 2016, and so far the thing downloaded fine or too fast in my opinion.. the thing wont let me log in at all.. wont even work at all for logging in so ive not even had the chance to try it out. And I can see by other peoples reviews.. they also having the problem.. I am trying the trial out and Id recommend trying the 7 day trial before you try it but so far no ones being able to use it. May not even be worth $2 at this point.. until this gets fixed.


14 January 2016

junk don't waste your money


9 January 2016

Purchased in August 2015 but has NEVER worked. Refund or get reported to FCC & FEC.


26 December 2015

It was VERY hard to download finally and now is impossible to use it or log in. Can't rate it if I never used it as it said would be easy.


18 December 2015

Just sits there and does nothing. Want refund!


24 November 2015

Most of the GVoice app is great, but needed quicker notifications from both Google Hangouts and from my phone.


23 November 2015

I am so tired of my current mix of expensive wireless and wired phones. Please keep making it easier for everyone to migrate to a good alternative!


20 October 2015

No one is getting my texts and therefor no responses. I can't believe I paid for it.


16 October 2015

its should notify quicker


4 September 2015

Good trail version

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