Gym Workout Guide

The Gym Workout Guide App is designed as a virtual gym trainer for the people who concentrate on each and every muscle workout keenly. The app provides an overall guide to concentrate on entire body muscles with universal workout techniques, that are approved by the trained professionals. People who practice in home this will be a totally useful gym workout guide. People who practice in gym, this might clearly help you to do exact workouts for each muscle you train.

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5 September 2013

I like where it's going and it could newbies like me but it's incomplete and I think some of the pictures are not accurate. :( Hope this app gets better.


2 January 2013

I wanted to learn something new but there is nothing to learn here it's all the basics


28 October 2012

Put up videos


24 October 2012

Need to expand exercises variety and include videos to show how to do the exercises, anyway I like how fluid is this app.