Hearts Online

Enjoy the classic game of Hearts with real live players! Hearts Online is the best FREE multi-player Hearts game available for Windows. Just press play and you are matched up with human players from all around the world. Want to play with your friends? Create custom games for them to join. There are multiple scoring modes and rule sets for you to choose from, so gameplay never gets old! Build your own custom avatar and friend other players to play with them again in the future. Engaging sounds and graphics round out this fun and thrilling online game.


  • Classic Hearts gameplay with real live players
  • Choose between instant gameplay and custom games
  • Two scoring modes as well as Jack of Diamonds rule
  • Customizable avatars and user names
  • Friend other players to play with them again
  • Keep track of your player statistics

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28 August 2016

Fun and with real people too .. thank God!


17 August 2016

This game blows, it doesn't even come up to give me a chance to play


14 July 2016

No longer listed on their website as a Windows 8 app. Really loved this app.


11 July 2016

hearts online is my favourite game


28 June 2016

People who are bad at losing need not play.


21 June 2016

I reaed all the freezing reviews....glad I didn't listen this game is awesome and one of the few with real players! definielty would be worth paying for even!


18 June 2016

why can't I play this


17 June 2016

Very nice game.I love to play it time and again


16 June 2016

very enjoyable social game can play for hours


15 June 2016


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