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    Two bug fixes: • Viewing a verse search context doesn't default to notes display. • Viewing a verse search context now correctly lists the proper book name. Thanks to those that emailed us their feedback!

HeavenWord Bible Study Toolbox

We're out to create a great, general purpose, Bible Study app for Windows 8. And you can help us do that. This FREE app helps the Bible student learn and explore the Bible with several Bibles and selected core Bible study reference materials. Check it out and give us your suggestions! We've already made several improvements from your feedback—Thank you! There is a “Tips” panel under Settings with some helpful hints to get you started quickly. This app uses the Search Charm for both quick jumps to passages as well as a basic word search. It also features “finger friendly” lookups of cross references in resources. You don't have to precisely tap any given verse reference. The app will grab and display in a popup all references in a paragraph with a single tap anywhere in that paragraph. If there are over 10 or so, it will grab them in groups of 10 or so—just tap anywhere in those groups. For passages, the Toolbox automatically collects, synchronizes and displays all relevant commentary articles on the same page as the passage. For any selected verse, the app automatically lists relevant Bible topics and lexical forms pertaining to that verse. A quick tap to select from the list and the app collects all relevant articles from all topical and lexical resources and puts them on the same page. Bookmarks and verse notes are supported as well. Use the Share charm to send selected text to friends. You can choose your background and color scheme from: Red, Green, Blue, Dark, Light, Plain Dark and Plain Light. And set your font size from: Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. English Bibles: • The New American Standard (NASB) • King James (KJV) • King James 1611 (AV1611) • American Standard Version (ASV) • Darby Bible (Darby) • Young's Literal Translation (YLT) Resources - Commentary: • Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary • Matthew Henry~-'s Commentary on the Whole Bible • Gray's Concise Bible Commentary • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge • Vincent's Word Studies in the NT Resources - Topical: • Smith's Bible Dictionary • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia • Nave's Topical Bible • Torrey's New Topical Textbook Resources - Lexical: • Strong's Enhanced Hebrew / Aramaic Dictionary • Strong's Enhanced Greek Dictionary • Souter's Pocket NT Lexicon • Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament And it's all FREE!¹ ¹ We do appreciate encouragement. If you like the app, in the About panel in Settings there is an OPTIONAL $1.99 donation. And please don't forget to tell thousands of your very closest friends about the app. Thank you!


  • Share charm support
  • Search also works on user verse notes
  • No internet connection needed after installation.
  • Among other things, that means it's FAST!)
  • FREE! No signup required—all features fully enabled.

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28 April 2016



7 March 2016

this use to be a great app... but I can't even look anything up with this. The version downloaded to my device (I just got this so it should be updated) is just a topical bible with some commentary options but no search tools, which is why I got this in the first place... very disappointed.


20 November 2015

Very user friendly, but even though I downloaded it twice to make sure, I could not find KJV available... and neither could I find the original languages. Would like a lesson on how to get those.


28 October 2015

very helpful tools


19 October 2015

I would have given the apps a five star rating if not that it will mean no more room for improvement. Keep it up. I may not be able to support financially but God will bless your work and supporters for the work.


14 July 2015

I am trying too find verses that talks about the Lord's dunamis power(Holy Ghost EXPLOSION)


22 June 2015



16 June 2015

Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach, First Maccabees, Second Maccabees missing from the bible. This is not a true New American Bible. All books must be included to be an authentic bible. Also missing verses from Ester and Daniel.


25 January 2015

Wonderful resource to have at your disposal any time you are reading the Word!


5 January 2015

It is good for reading and looking things up but I can't see the bookmarks or notes and it will not let me move it out of the left corner so I can read it there for they are of no use

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