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    +Windows 8.1 support +New publishers view +New added dates view +Performance and stability fixes

Helium Streamer

Helium Streamer for Windows 8.1 is the ultimate way to stream your music from your PC to any Windows 8.1/Windows RT device. Helium Streamer allows you to search your music collection, browse your favourite artists, albums and tracks as well as genres, years, playlists and more. The app requires an installation of the free Helium Music Manager software on your PC. Helium Music Manager can be downloaded from: http://www.helium-music-manager.com When a track is played, the now playing view allows you full control over the position and shows details about the current artist and track such as lyrics, biography, discography and appearances. Full support for "Play To" devices meaning that you can change the output source to a TV, Stereo or a similar device with just one click. Features + Easily stream and play music from your Helium Music Manager music collection + Search Helium Music Manager's library for albums, artists, titles, genre, years + Browse contents of playlists and smart playlists as well as play them + Browse Favourite Album, Artist and Tracks and play or enqueue them + Full support for Helium Music Manager's multi-user capability (Network Edition only), allowing per-user ratings, playlists and favourites + Last.fm scrobbling support + Full "Play To" device support allowing you to play your music to any "Play To" enabled device such as a TV, stereo or similar device + Full support for background audio (allows you to listen to your music whilst working in other apps) as well as the built-in miniplayer + Lyrics shown for the playing track + Full support for tablet hardware keys, allowing easy control of volume + Special views to explore in detail artist information such as artist picture, statistics, biography, discography and appearances + In detail album information with picture and track lists + Per-CD grouped album views + Set rating and favourite status for the currently playing track + Full subtrack support + Built in play queue handling + Translations: English, Swedish and German Requirements + Helium Music Manager version 9.5 or greater - Free, Premium and Network editions all works. The most recent version is recommended. + Wi-Fi/Network connection to the PC running Helium Music Manager. 3G also works but requires a little more configuration. Getting started: Helium Music Manager - Options (on Windows PC) 1. Open Options from the Tools > Options menu 2. Scroll to the bottom in the left list and select Remote control (available under the Advanced header) 3. Setup the Port to use (default is 8080) 4. Checkmark "Enable remote controlling using Helium Remote" 5. Click OK. Helium Streamer settings on Windows 8.1 When you start the Helium Streamer app for the first time you will be asked for: + The Address of the Windows PC running Helium Music Manager 9.0+ (e.g. + The Port number (as defined in Helium Music Manager - Options, see above).


  • Helium Streamer for Windows 8.1 is the ultimate way to stream your music from your PC to any Windows 8.1/Windows RT device.

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15 April 2014

Installed this, can't get it to work properly. Started a ticket with support, which they subsequently closed, even though the issue is not fixed. I have responded several times to their e-mail, but they have failed to respond to my responses. Issues have remained unresolved for months...