History of Windows

History About the Windows Operating Systems.


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19 April 2015

This app is totally outdated, kind of. First, it doesn't include Windows 8.1. Next, some things are displayed in English and it spainsh. It mixes my brain up. I really hope the creator will make a update and then fix these bugs.


18 December 2013

I couldn't read the information on the first page because it isn't in English. Otherwise, this looks like a good app for those interested in the evolution of the windows OS.


6 November 2012

This app appears to present a history of the Windows OS, but as of now it's poorly presented. The short description field for most Win versions contains some nonsense in Latin. There are few pictures. Actual text may have been lifted off Wikipedia but is also poorly formatted. It truly sucks. I give 2 stars to encourage the developer to improve it. I'd be happy to revise this review if it gets better.