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    Bugs fixed. 1. a problem on creating thumbnails for compressed files which include EXIF rotation images 2. Thumbnails are not updated instantly when you clears the thumbnail cache.

Honeyview M

Browse and read your comics, mangas in any folders such as hard drives, USB, or SD card. Honeyview support image previews of zipped files when you browse files and folders. You can easily browse and read your comics with our new user interface. Honeyview let you look through zipped files in almost any format like ZIP, RAR, CBR, CBZ, ALZ, etc. Just browse files and click them, then you can read your comics without having trouble of unzipping files. You'll be surprised once you know how fast Honeyview can browse and read zipped files. Honeyview provides many useful features like remembering what you read, intelligent single and double page mode, touch interface, etc. Don't miss the chance of buying cheap before the price goes up.


  • Support touch screen interface (just swipe to go to next page)
  • Support almost any compressed file format: ZIP, RAR, CBR, CBZ, ALZ
  • Browse folders and files in any location through folder browser
  • Support various image file formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF
  • Recent folders and files let you access files by just one click
  • Remember what you read and which page you were at
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left reading
  • Intelligent view of single page or double page
  • Intelligent page rotation (vertical-horizontal)
  • No need to find next file any more. Just select the next file on the popup menu

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12 March 2015

Best Comic, Picture viewer. I am using PC and WinRT version. All of them are awesome !!!


27 October 2014

I love Honeyview and frequently use it on my main PC. As an artist, I like the idea of bringing half of the screen over with honeyview so that I can use references while drawing on the other side of the window. Unfortunately this app is really only good for viewing manga. Besides that it's nothing special. My main issue is that I use Honeyview for gifs and analyzing frames, but this version will not animate gifs. STUPID. Not worth two dollars. Get the free one.


10 January 2014

This came out with a lot of features that I wish it had and they've managed to add most over the several months I have been using this. A "go to next file" at the end like in classic Honeyview would make this perfect for me. Great program.


6 January 2014

Just some suggestions. 1. Improvement to zooming and to changing the page while zoomed in. It's a bit clunky. 2. Ability to change the background color behind the page. Don't like the look of the black to grey gradient that it currently uses. 3. In app rotation lock. 4. A better indication of which archives have been viewed to the end. Maybe make the blue progress bar above the archive turn to red. Otherwise it's great.


28 October 2013

Doesn't read compressed files (I.e. .ZIP)


18 May 2013

Not going to spend money on it when I wasn't even able to try it and determine if it fits my needs.


11 April 2013

Every functiontion is very good, and it works well w/ touch screen. However it does not have bookmark. It is hard to tract the last pages i read for other books.


17 March 2013

Developer did everything I asked but two issues remain still: 1- No zooming controls? App is pretty basic when it comes to power options compared to the desktop version. 2- Please use a better image resizing/smoothing tech because when the image is fit to the screen, you can see ugly square/checkboard effect on the image.


16 February 2013

Not much competition but this is the best comic reader on Windows 8 for touch devices. Needs a little work but its pretty good so far. Does the job nicely but I really wish it had some real options to customize the experience. Like a guided view for reading panels zoomed in and the ability to change the background for instance. Then a library mode for viewing your comics with covers would be amazing. Hope this app is constantly updated with features, promising start.


13 February 2013

I came from the Desktop version and this app is great. The bugs the previous reviewer reported has been fixed and totally worth it. The develop is making updates to it all the time! Trust me you can try a bunch of other offline manga reader and get some visual distractions. Or go with this to get what you actually want reading manga fast done well.

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