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    -Restructured code for more consistent performance -Not being able to add drinks to drink list bug issue addressed

How Drunk Am I?

Want to know how drunk you are? This beautiful intuitively designed app is essentially a calculator that allows you to estimate your blood alcohol content(EBAC), just like a breathalyzer would, in a streamlined fashion. The app is quick and easy to use and also can calculate the time you spent drinking and also the time needed to sober up. A list of standard drinks is featured, which includes beer, wine, spirits, shots, brandy, etc, as well as a drink mixer to create your own cocktails.


  • Calculates your estimated blood alcohol content
  • A tab that keeps track of what you drank
  • Beautiful streamlined design
  • Lets you know how long it takes for you to become sober
  • Lets you create your own cocktails to add to your list
  • Features a list of standard drinks to choose from
  • A check in feature to remember the time you started drinking

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2 February 2016

It's great concept. Now we have breath test to determine the lever of alcohol in your system. You are seeing more and more of these machines in Bars today. Good luck with your work. Thanks for sharing it with me.