Hush, Hush (series) Audiobook

***** This app allows you to enjoy the audiobooks in a real professional way with High Quality audio format. ***** Book 1 Summary: The series begins with Nora meeting Patch in her biology class. She finds herself drawn to him despite him initially irritating her and her friends preferring that she date their friend Elliot, who is later revealed to a pawn of the nephilim Jules. Patch saves Nora from death multiple times and even though Nora believes he is stalking her, she eventually gives in to her feelings for Patch after he reveals he is a fallen angel that is protecting her. Jules, also known by the name Chauncey Langeais, attempts to use Nora as a way to target Patch, but fails and is killed when Nora jumps off of a gym ceiling rafter and dies, severing the blood related tie between Nora and him. She is brought back by Patch, who then becomes her guardian angel.


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