iCheque is a Mobile payment solution using conventional bank cards. This staff version of iCheque lets you test the application without executing real payment transactions. With iCheque you can perform payment for your electronic or paper based invoices, using any of your bankcards. After downloading the application, you can enter your selected payment password which you will use to authorize future payment transactions. The application can store a number of your bank cards letting you choose the one you want to use for a specific payment. Relying on this feature you do not need to reenter the card information each time you pay an invoice. Instead you only select the card you wish to use, input the payment password and the payment is done real time. As a result of the strong encryption technique used, nobody can access the stored card data, and no one can use them without knowing your payment password. With the help of this application: • you can pay your public utility invoices – by scanning the QR code on the invoice - „Invoice code reading” menu; • you can pay your electronic invoices – by selecting an invoice from the „Pending invoices” menu; • or execute payments, bank transfers using "Invoice templates", stored in the application. You and also the beneficiary of the payment will receive real time notification about the successful completion of the transaction. Transaction history of earlier paid invoices can be found under the "Paid invoices" menu. The list of partners accepting iCheque can be found under "Settings / Info -> Payable invoices" menu in the application, and also on http://www.icheque.eu/mitfizethetek.html web site. We'll continuously increase the number of merchant partners accepting the service, and we are also planning special transaction types like: Parking payment, Mobile top-up, Payment for insurance policy and Payment for different on-line games. During installation the application sends a normal tariff SMS as part of the registration process. Thank you for choosing us! We hope we can welcome you also in our commercial service.