IGI - Stealth Shooting Mission

IGI- Stealth Shooting Mission brings you one of the best 3D TPS (First Person Shooting) mission-based games on the Play Store. In this shooting adventure the frontline commando has to face a modern warfare on the battlefield having marines and opponent robot army. In this shooting spec ops game every mission has various objectives. Your objective is to collect the secret information, deactivate robot machine guns and much more. This modern warfare is a free to play TPS game in which the player will play as a one man army and carryout these spec ops, all alone. Shoot the robot army and marines; you have a single M4 rifle in your arsenal to finish them in a single kill shot. Use your skills on the battlefield and be the veteran frontline killer of your military in this adventure. This multi mission game has a lot of challenges which needs strategy and planning to achieve the objectives. Now it’s your responsibility to use the weapon carefully to kill the marines and stop all those robot machine guns from the control room indicated by the radar. IGI- Stealth Shooting Mission is the story of the adventure of a spec ops of military shooter sent to enemy base for an adventurous operation. The main objective of the battle is to kill all the militants in the base and automatic machine guns. The enemy is already alerted and aware of the arrival of frontline commando in the base. These spec ops will put you to test your shooting and target killing abilities. Take the pride, step into the boots of a frontline commando to complete the mission in the battlefield and be the nation’s heart throb. The addictive and mesmerizing gameplay of IGI- Stealth Shooting Mission gives you real action game to play with 3D rendered graphics available free on play store. As the warfare starts, you are based in the enemy camps. As a frontline contract shooter your only duty is to shoot all the militants and destroy the robots. You have limited health and a lot of ammo in hand to carry out these spec ops. Health boxes are available on the battlefield, take them and use them wisely. IGI- Stealth Shooting Mission offers you: - Realistic TPS (Third Person Shooter) controller - Destination Points are represented on the Radar with golden dot, marines by red dots. - You are provided with health boxes - Realistic military operation - Multiple enemy characters marines, robot army - Well-built storyline - Enemy characters with unique attack, defence characteristics and AI- - Efficient weapon controls & movement - Radar vision

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13 June 2016



18 February 2016



12 February 2016

this is very good game


23 January 2016



21 January 2016

this game is the best because it has a lot of cool stuff I it I want to play this game really bad


27 October 2015

Great Game!