International Chess Online

Play chess online with players all over the world or play offline with machine AI. The strength of AI is very strong, worth you to spend several minutes or even hours on it. There are also thousands of 'mate in N' puzzles and endgames for you to practice.


  • Strong machine AI when play offline.
  • Thousands of puzzles and endgames.
  • Play online.

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12 November 2015

1. 4 players can play in the same game 2. 3D 3. More Colors for the pieces


7 July 2015

I think this is awesome


18 May 2014

I don't like it . when my game starts I get sent to home screen


15 April 2014

After three games started online, I've watched the app close three times with no moves from my opponent. My rating was adjusted accordingly. The app fails.


20 March 2014

pieces move smoothly, basic no frills game I was looking 4


9 March 2014

It destroyed chess level 100 on lvl 100 with only 1 star. It destroyed full court chess with 1 star


29 November 2013

the rating it doesn't work property 1500


26 November 2013

kicks me out to often


19 November 2013

There a lot of bugs. But the worst is that it random closes. So if u r having a good match with someone it will close on you.


22 August 2013

Great game/puzzles/ and all against international players. Some improvements can be made. i.e. make the site easier to reconnect to if disconnected during a game. Also the use of language e.g. "the other side go away" should be " the other side left the table" for instance. Great game!!

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