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    v10.1.33 - now you can watch an advertising video to unlock full paid features in single view for once v10.1.32 - new camera support: Dahua, Cantonk v10.1.31 - Remember control panel show/hide state - SSL ignore invalid root CA v10.1.30 - Amcrest update due to firmware has breaking changes v10.1.29 - New camera support: ReoLink - IR support for Wanscam v10.1.28 - Continue to fix app crash/hang-up on phone devices v10.1.27 - Fixed app crash/hang-up after installing Windows Creator Update v10.1.26 - Full SSL support: Now supports both real and self-signed certification v10.1.25 - New camera support: Mobotix M1 v10.1.24 - New camera support: Toguard v10.1.23 - Russian language updated v10.1.22 - Language update: Supports Polish; French language package updated - Fixed Amcrest compatibility issue v10.1.21 - New camera support: Zoneway v10.1.20 - Better support for Amcrest - New camera support: Midas-Link - Motion detection enhancements: Alarm not triggered when moving camera; UI changes v10.1.19 - TRENDNet 311 PTZ support

IP CAM Controller

IP CAM Controller gives you a direct and simple way to control your IP camera from your mobile device. Simply “Tap to Center” (tapping an area of interest on your screen) or turn on “Sensor Mode” (tilting the mobile device in the desired direction) to change the angle and adjust the camera’s view as you wish! Pin specific cameras, angles, and views – and monitor multiple cameras at once with live tile support. Audio support is available for the following brands: AirLink, Astak Mole, Axis, Canon, ComPro, D-Link, EasyN, Foscam, Ipux, IP Webcam, Level One, LogiLink WC0008A, Maygion, Panasonic, Tenvis IPRobot3, Toshiba, TP-Link, TRENDNet, VivoTek, WansView, Y-Cam, Yudor Here’s a partial list of supported camera brands: ABUS, ACTi, AirLink, Apexis, Arecont, Astak Mole, Axis, AVTECH, Blue Iris, BOSCH, Brickcom, Canon, Channel Vision, COMPRO, Cytech, Dericam, D-Link, Eagle Eye, EasyN, Edimax, Excelon, Foscam, GeoVision, Grandstream, Grantec, iCatch, Instar, Ipux, IPX, JVC, Kaicong, KGuard, Level One, LinkSys, LogiLink, Lorex, Marmitek, Maygion, MIPS, Mobotix, Motion Webcam, Nuvico, Panasonic, Rayvision, SecuritySpy, Sharx, SmartHome, Solwise, Sony, Storage Options, SYAC, Tenvis, Toshiba, TP-Link, TRENDnet, TriVision, Vilar, Vitek, VivoTek, Vstarcam, WansView, WebcamXP/Webcam7, X10, Yudor, Y-Cam, 7Links Visit JerryHuang.net for full list. If your camera is not supported, please contact us at: http://JerryHuang.net * Buying the app will remove all advertising permanently. Unlimited audio for camera needs to be purchased separately.


  • Live tiles support: View cameras in various tile sizes – pinned directly to the screen for fast access.
  • Tap to center (TTC): Adjust the camera to the position you tap on your screen.
  • Audio support: Listen to audio feeds of supported cameras.
  • Multi view: Monitor unlimited multiple cameras on one screen in portrait and landscape view.
  • Save for later: Record video or save a snapshot to your video library during viewing.
  • Backup: Save and restore camera configurations to and from Microsoft OneDrive
  • Motion detect: Set up motion detection and notify your device.
  • Link share: Grant access to others via link or email.
  • Sensor mode: Tilt your mobile device to adjust camera position.

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30 December 2015



22 September 2015

Wanted to see if this worked better than some other ap0ps reviewed. Loaded up okay and I have control panel but not getting any image from Foscam F19821P V2 unit. Disappointed as it had features I liked including quick view on my Surface 2 start screen. Need a means of monitoring multiple cameras in our home in order to watch wife with Alzheimer's.


29 July 2015

biggest piece of garbage ever. after setting up the camera. I was able to view thru the camera, but none of the controls work. save your time and money and look else ware for a better program. this one just doesn't cut it.


29 May 2015

I just got a Tenvis 3815W HD camera. None of the Tenvis profiles worked... but upon the developer's advice, I tried the "Foscam FI9820W/FI8608W profile" and now it works just fine!


15 April 2015

Does what it says


6 March 2015

Happy to see that I am able to use this to view my Panasonic BL-C101A Camera on Windows 8.1


16 January 2015

Update 1/15:F**K forced update Erased all! UPDATE 12/14: I did in fact configure this successfully with Android's #1 IP Webcam made by PAS best Android Ip webcam out there and he has it with pro which offers motion Etc use with all your old android phones laying around! recycle them for good uses! IP CAM CONTROLLER is major unstable! always shows its waiting for camera photo updates they all blank in and out using 8 camera all with IP Webcams, Funny thing is I have my 64GB HP Touchpad right here on my desk using Androids Tiny Cam Monitor Pro with 16 cams works perfectly! 6/14:Dev please refund my money! oh wait I can reject in PayPal I think! if not please refund me right away! multi view is a freaking JOKE! lamest attempt here! good idea good if everything worked! But this is an awful experience! DEV's is not listening! so many features promised buying full etc! But completely broken and says this feature isn't supported yet or angles etc all broken! Justin Cram DyingJedi/xtrxtc


25 December 2014

I have a Q-See QT426DVR and would love to see it support with your app.


8 December 2014

I have tried most of the other Windows 8 IP camera viewers and have found them very lacking compared to what is available on Android (I really like IP Cam Viewer Basic by Robert Chou). IP CAM Controller has an even better interface. I was able to control a Panasonic DLC-131 and view a Hoo Too fixed camera (I had tp select a Foscam JPEG camera). All in all an excellent product!


30 November 2014

I love this app. Works well with my Foscam and Panasonic Cams. I would like to see support for toggling the IR lights on/off on the Foscams, and two way sound support would be sweet.

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