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    Version 2.2.1120.0 - Support HTTPS connection. Version 2.2.1113.0 - Added support for Hikvision cameras. Version 2.1.924.0 - Improved performance and battery life on FFmpeg camera. Version 2.1.821.0 - Added support for H.264 cameras with FFmpeg. Version 2.0.317.0 - Added Windows 10 Mobile support, and bug fixes. Version 2.0.323.0 - Added changing camera configuration for Foscam 8910 cameras. Version 2.0.327.0 - Improved compatibility with Foscam HD cameras. Version 2.0.417.0 - Added MJPEG URL auto-detection. Version 2.0.430.0 - Auto-hide camera function list when not in use. Improved stability. Version 2.0.529.0 - Added dark color theme.

IPCam Monitor

List of supported cameras below. Most cameras are supported. This is a simple to use IP camera monitor that makes viewing and controlling IP cameras easier than ever. It allows you to watch, listen, and two-way audio on supported IP cameras. Upgrade to the Pro edition enables advanced features of the cameras, pinning cameras on start screen, prevents device from going to sleep while viewing camera feed, no advertisements, and other advanced settings. Getting started is easier than ever. This app automatically detects and identifies all supported cameras connected to the local network. Your cameras are already setup the first time you start the app. To get started, provide a username and password for the camera. Supported cameras: Foscam FI8910W, FI8910E, FI8918W: [Free] Support video, two-way audio, infrared, sound and motion indicator, camera auto-detect on local network. [Pro] Pan/tilt, patrol, flip/mirror, 16 presets, snapshot, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, turn on audio when sound detected, no ads, alarm and pan+tilt camera settings. Foscam FI9821W V2: [Free] Support video, infrared, flip/mirror, camera auto-detect on local network. [Pro] Snapshot, 16 presets, pan/tilt, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, no ads. Foscam FI8904, FI8905, FI8919: [Free] Support video only. [Pro] Snapshot, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, no ads. Most Axis cameras: [Free] Support video only. [Pro] Snapshot, flip/mirror, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, no ads. Generic MJPEG cameras: [Free] Support video only. [Pro] Snapshot, flip/mirror, pin to start screen, prevent device from going to sleep, no ads. Other cameras - Visit www.golden-pot.com for details. Note: Features may not available on all cameras. This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1.


  • Support Foscam cameras, Axis cameras, and most MJPEG cameras
  • Two-way audio with Foscam cameras
  • Create multi-camera views with unlimited number of cameras
  • Infrared, Pan/tilt, and presets on Foscam cameras
  • Flip and mirror image on all cameras
  • Pin to start screen for instant access to camera feeds
  • Auto-detect and identify Foscam cameras on local network

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9 July 2016

Crashes every time I add a camera, crashes every time I try to expand a view for any camera, views are square and cuts off camera video


29 June 2015

doesn't work


12 June 2015

Using Toshiba Cameras I can not tilt pan zoom


9 May 2015

Very good


21 March 2015

Doesn't work


8 February 2015

App crashes every time you select a cam.


16 January 2015

I use this app on 3 different Windows 8.1 computers and a Windows 10 preview computer. The application crashes as soon as I click on one of the cameras on one of the windows 8.1 computers. Details are very lacking, but according to Event Viewer there is an unhandled exception happening. I really like how this application works. I really wish the developer would code a little more defensively or at least provide a feedback channel so that we can provide some debug information to get this fixed!


7 January 2015

Don't bother with this one.


29 December 2014

After installation it automatically found my IP camera. I simply had to click on it and add the username/password. Every time I clicked on the camera after the initial setup I had immediate crashes. Only after I went into the settings and allowed background data and microphone use did it work. Kind of strange but it hasn't crashed since then. I only use as a baby camera but if this free version keeps working decently then I'll upgrade to pro to get the locked features.


22 December 2014

Supports 3 Foscams and 1 Axis natively. Anything else is lumped into their generic "other mjpeg camera" bucket. Tried to add a YCam and the video stream was garbled (note, it works fine on my Android devices using TinyCam). Also doesn't appear to support mp4 streams.

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